How to unlock hidden secret games on Android 10

Now, Android 10 It’s been about four months, most of you probably already know about its core features. In fact, some of you might even be using it and getting used to it. However, there is a certain “feature” that most of you may not be aware of. No, we’re not talking about easter eggs in regards to the Android version. That has existed since the first Android launch and everyone knows about it. Android 10 went a step further and incorporated a hidden game in the OS. However, it does require a bit of effort to unlock it, and that’s where the fun comes in. So here are the steps to unlock and play hidden games on Android 10. Also check out the steps to get Pixel 4 Live Caption feature on any Android 10 device.

Back with Android 5 Lollipop, Google introduced a Flappy Droid game, this way you can still play on Android Pie 9.0. This time Google added Picross as a hidden Android 10 game. This genre of games has recently gained popularity thanks to Pokémon Picross and Mario Picross. Similar to these games, the Android 10 game also requires you to fill in the boxes based on the hints given in the rows and columns. This will eventually reveal an image.

However, you cannot see the entire content of the game (or rather, the hint) at once. By default, it shows you row suggestions. Once you’ve done that, rotate your device to landscape mode automatically and take a cue from the column section. Filling the cells according to certain rules will eventually lead to the creation of an image. Sounds interesting? Well then, here are the steps to unlock and play hidden Android 10 games on your device.

  1. First you open the Setting on your Android 10 device. Then go to About the phone > Android version .
  2. Tap repeatedly on Android version to reveal the first easter egg. Well, this is something most of you are probably aware of, so there’s nothing to be concerned about here. But it is thanks to this screen that you can unlock and play hidden games on Android 10.
  3. Start by dragging 1 inside o. Now double tap 1 and keep holding it so it starts spinning. Free the organization once it sets itself up the way the alphabet Q was made. For that, you will have to put the number 1 in the titled position on the right and paste it on the left. See the right side of the image below for reference.
  4. As soon as you do so, the black and gray bar in the background will start moving. In this case, keep pressing the Android keyword until the hidden Android 10 game is revealed.
  5. If all goes well, you will see a game of picross with hints given in the rows. As mentioned earlier, you will have to rotate your device to landscape mode to show the other half of the hint. Now just start filling in the boxes and reveal the hidden picture.

With that, we conclude this guide on how to unlock and play hidden Android 10 games. Let us know your views on this game, and the image you’ve managed to reveal, in the comments section below.


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