How to turn off ads, Bloatware and push notifications on MIUI 11

Smartphone Xiaomi are mainly famous in Asian countries for their value for money. This is why most people use Xiaomi smartphones. However, these devices come with MIUI instead of the stock Android experience. And MIUI is like an advertising supermarket. With every Xiaomi smartphone you will get MIUI. And with MIUI, you get unnecessary ads, bloatware and push notifications. So, if you’re also annoyed by these bloatware and unnecessary ads, don’t worry. Here is a simple guide to disable Ads, Bloatware and Push notifications in MIUI devices.

Sign in before, MIUI without a lot of ads and bloatware. Everything has been reduced to a minimum and stock experience. However, over time, Xiaomi started collecting user data and advertising services to their users based on user data. This is just another way of making money, but it provides unnecessary and annoying notifications and notifications to the users. The great news is that you can easily remove Ads, Bloatware and Push notifications in MIUI 11. And today, we will guide you to do it without rooting your Xiaomi device.

How to Disable Ads, Bloatware and Push Notifications in MIUI 11

Disable ads is a complex process. Since these ads serve apps that are essentially system apps, you can’t really uninstall them without root privileges. However, there are other ways to make them inactive and thus stop these unnecessary notifications and ads on your device.

Block push notifications in MIUI 11

Before we start with Disable ads and bloatware on MIUI 11, let’s block MIUI push notification services. Push notifications are random ads that you will see on the lock screen. These notifications appear when you use the app store, unlock your device, or use a messaging app. Also, you can see them while browsing the internet.

Whenever you receive a push notification, just tap and hold the notification. It will show a small dialog where you can disable the service. Just disable the service and click Done to block push notifications in MIUI 11 devices. This is one of the fastest and easiest methods to get rid of unnecessary push notifications on MIUI smartphones 11.

If you want to disable other app’s notifications, then you can repeat the same. Alternatively, you can restart these notification services by navigating to Settings -> Notifications and turn off the apps that you don’t want to receive notifications from.

Disable Ads in MIUI 11

MIUI is a great skin for Android devices. However, the unnecessary ads only make it worse. I’m sure you want to get rid of them immediately. So here is a quick guide to remove ads from MIUI 11 forever:

First of all, we need to disable the MSA application. This application is responsible for collecting information and serving information-based advertising. So by disabling this app service you will get rid of those unnecessary ads.

Navigate to Settings -> Password and Security. Here go to Authorization and Revocation option. Scroll down and find the conversion for the MSA application. Make sure it is disabled.

Note: MSA works over an internet connection. So make sure to connect to the internet before shutting down the app. Disable the toggle for 4-5 times and it will turn off successfully.

Disable system ads in MIUI 11

Now MSA is disabled. So you won’t get system ads. However, there are still apps like default browser, music app, local app store, etc… These apps will still show ads. So we need to disable them one by one.

Navigate to Apps -> Privacy & Security options. Here you will find an option Haitian personalized service, just disable it.

You need to disable that Personalization service in the Mi Video app. To do this, navigate to Mi Video Settings. Here you will find “Online recommendations” & “push notifications” option. Simply disable them. You need to do the same for all MIUI apps like file manager, Music app, Mi weather app etc.

Disable lock screen ads in MIUI 11

Now we need to disable Lockscreen ads. These are the ads that you usually see on the lock screen, lock or unlock your device. To do this, Open Settings> Lock screen -> Wallpaper carousel . Here, disable the toggle for Enable Enable Carousel Wallpaper, and you’re done with the MIUI lock screen ad.

But wait a minute! You also need to disable personalized ad suggestions. This option tracks user behavior and pushes notifications or advertisements accordingly. We’re sure you don’t want ads, so go to Settings -> Password & Security -> Privacy .

Here scroll down and look for the option Advertising Service. Just disable the toggle and it will stop all annoying ads on MIUI 11 Android skin.

Uninstall Bloatware from MIUI 11

Bloatware is another problem in Xiaomi devices. Xiaomi devices come with unnecessary apps like Mi TV, M Remote, Mi Weather, Mi Browser, Mi Video, etc… These apps also display unnecessary ads and notifications, which often cause annoying for users. These bloatware apps are Xiaomi’s main source of income. So if you want to uninstall system apps on MIUI 11 devices, then you need to use ADB bridge to do so.

Note: The next guide for Android enthusiasts. Use Android will not bear any responsibility for any damage to your device. If you don’t know about root, debug and ADB, then we don’t recommend you to continue with this tutorial. Only proceed if you know what you are dealing with.

First of all, we need to set up ADB on your PC and smartphone. The process is quite simple and easy. After performing a few commands, you can completely uninstall bloatware apps on your Xiaomi smartphone.

After setting up ADB, download Xiaomi Debloater from here. It is a special tool to uninstall bloatware apps from Xiaomi devices.

Note: Do not uninstall Security apps from Xiaomi. This is an important app and deleting it will start your device loop.

Now connect your Xiaomi smartphone to your PC and download the Xiaomi Debloater software. It will automatically detect your device and will show you a list of apps that can be removed easily.

Tip: Make a full backup of your smartphone before proceeding with the steps above. Also, make sure to charge your device to at least 70%.


Here’s How You Can Remove and Disable Ads, Bloatware and Push Notifications in MIUI 11. These ad serving and bloatware apps on Xiaomi devices are a significant privacy concern. So we recommend removing them for a safer and more user-friendly mobile experience. It’s all from us. If you have any questions, comment down below. We will be happy to assist you.


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