How to share WhatsApp status directly to Facebook

Looks like WhatsApp is currently in a feature release spree. After incorporating the fingerprint unlock feature, it is believed that it will now allow send disappearing message . And now, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app has added another key feature to its arsenal. It has provided option to share your WhatsApp status directly to Facebook. Furthermore, this feature has been released to the stable version. So, to enable this feature and download WhatsApp Messenger with said feature, go to below section. Also, if you’re not interested in seeing someone’s status, you can turn off whatsapp status.

Directly share WhatsApp status to Facebook

Whenever you post any image, video or text as your WhatsApp Status you will now see option Share to Facebook Story. Right next to it will be the icon Share. The aforementioned option can be found directly below the . section My Staus. You can directly share your WhatsApp status to Facebook by tapping this icon and then selecting the option Upload to Facebook. There is another method to do the same, with a little more options available at your disposal. Have a look at the instructions below. But before that, be sure to get the latest stable APK version of WhatsApp from below:

Once you have downloaded and installed the above version of WhatsApp, go to the steps below

Activate the latest WhatsApp feature

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to status
  2. Tap the three horizontal dots next to My Status.
  3. Part My Status will continue to expand, showing you all your uploaded statuses.
  4. Tap the three vertical dots next to the WhatsApp status you want to share to Facebook.
  5. Now there will be an extra feature called Share to Facebook. Touch it.
  6. You will now be taken to Share it up Page Facebook Story. It will also show Privacy Facebook Status Your current. Optionally, you can change it to Public, Friends and connections, Friends, Custom or choose Hide Word Stories options. Just tick your choice and hit the back arrow.
  7. Furthermore, if your status also contains text, you can see the same thing by tapping the comment icon located at the bottom right of the story.
  8. Once done, just tap the button Share now. That’s it. You have successfully shared your WhatsApp Status to Facebook.

Correlation between WhatsApp and Facebook Status

When you share your WhatsApp status to Facebook, the regular videos and images and texts will appear as they are. But that is not the case with hyperlinks. Any link posted on your WhatsApp status will appear as normal text at Facebook. Additionally, these shared statuses will also have the same 24-hour expiration on Facebook. Even if you delete your WhatsApp status before 24 hours, the status shared at Facebook will have no such effect. For that, you will have to manually remove it from Facebook by tapping the three dots and choosing the option Delete photos.

With that, we conclude the guide on how to share WhatsApp status to Facebook. While it continues to add new features, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete evidence related to a Dark Mode feature, as such. Let’s hope it gets added pretty soon.


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