How to share images and chat in Google Photos

Google updated our Photos app, and we’ve seen a few new additions over the past few months. The latest update brings a new sharing feature that allows you to share images and chat in Google Photos. Previously, you had to create an album and then share the images with other Google Photos users in your contacts.

What’s even more exciting is that you can even start chatting with the person you share the picture with. The interface for chatting and sharing images is the same as any other instant messaging app. You can start a conversation and share multiple images back and forth. You may also want to check out how to merge multiple Google Photos accounts into one account.

Share photos and chat in Google Photos

The process of sharing images with other Google Photos users in your contact list is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps below to start sharing images and chatting in Google Photos.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Google Photos app installed on your device.
  2. To check for updates, launch the Play Store app and tap My Apps & Games. Check for updates for Google Photos.
  3. Once you’ve installed the latest update, it’s time to share pictures and chat.
  4. Launch Photos on your Android device and then navigate to the image you want to share.
  5. Long press on the image thumbnail, or simply expand the image by tapping it and then tapping the icon Share .
  6. You should be able to see a horizontally scrollable list appear with your contacts.
  7. Contacts who have Google Photos installed on their device will have the Photos app icon.
  8. Select the contact you want to share the image with.
  9. You will now have the option to add a message along with the image. Type a message or simply send the image as is by tapping To send.
  10. Alternatively, you can also share the same image with multiple contacts by tapping the icon + next to the part Arrive.
  11. You can continue chatting by moving to the tab Share in Google Photos and select the shared photo chat. Then tap Comment if you have sent a message with the picture. Else it will take you directly into the chat view.

As we mentioned above, this feature will only work if the person you want to share pictures with and chat with has Google photos installed on their phone. There is a button Like / Heart also reminds us of the button Like of Instagram in DM.

By no means are the new chat and sharing features in the Photos app meant to replace your traditional messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messenger. This feature was added just to make it easier for users to share images without having to use other apps.

Furthermore, the feature will also be available on the iOS app. Thus, users can share pictures and chat with their contacts even if they are using iPhone or vice versa.


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