How to set up guest mode on Android

Guest mode on Vsmart and other Android devices help you keep your information secure when you share your phone. Let’s find out with how to enable guest mode on Samsung and other android devices Please!

Guest Mode on Android

How to set up guest mode on Android

Smartphones are now almost inseparable objects of most people. However, sometimes there are people who forget their phone and want to use your device. If you cannot refuse, you must be worried that personal data, important information stored on smartphones may be exposed when they are used, right? At this point, turning on Guest Mode is a smart choice.

What is Guest Mode on Android?

Guest Mode – Guest Mode is not a new concept for regular Android users. As the name suggests, it creates a temporary guest or account environment that can only access basic applications like Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, etc. Guest account users cannot open contacts, messages. , photos, or any apps associated with the original Google account. Calling and texting are blocked.

Guest users can download apps from Google Play, but must sign in with their Google account and use a different payment method. If an app is already on your device, it will be copied to the guest account. They can switch to your account at any time. However, if you lock your Android device with a PIN or password, they won’t be able to re-enter your smartphone without your permission.

Note: The steps will vary slightly depending on the device and Android version.

Enable Guest Mode on Android

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.

2. Touch icon Profile on the notification bar.

Guest Mode on Android

3. Touch Guest to switch to guest mode.

Select Android account holder

The guest mode screen has only a few app selections. If you open the app drawer, you’ll see all the default apps preloaded on your device, but none of the apps you downloaded appear.

Guest Mode interface on Android

How to exit Guest Mode on Android

Swipe the screen down from the top to see the notification bar and tap Owner or Remove guest.

  • If you choose Owner: A guest session can be resumed where it left off.
  • If you choose Remove guest: It will delete any guest and loaded app sessions. The device returns to the lock screen, where you must enter your password or PIN if an app is installed.
Select Android account owner

How to add a guest user on Android

If you regularly share a device with someone, you can set up a temporary guest account.

  1. Swipe the screen from top to bottom.
  2. Tap the Profile icon on the notification bar.
  3. Touch Add user.
  4. New users must sign in to an existing Google account or create a new one.

If the above steps don’t work on your device, you can see the option to create additional users under Settings > Users > Guest or Settings > System > Advanced > Multiple Users. You can also try searching for User or Guest in the settings.

Note: Any new user (guest) app purchases will be charged to that account’s default payment method. Any photo or media file will be saved separately. New users can also set up a lock screen for their account. You can switch users at any time in the Notifications bar.

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