How to remove location from images in Google Photos

In the process of using the photography feature on smart mobile devices, you all know that, every time you take a photo, it will also save the location information that the photo you took. That’s why today Use Android will show you how to remove your location from photos shared through the Google Photos app. The app has tons of pretty useful functions that make sharing photos much easier. One of them is the Share Link feature. You can share hundreds of photos at once, without even downloading them to your device. The received images will be of the exact same quality as they were originally taken. Apps like WhatsApp won’t (rather can’t) compress these images, all thanks to this link sharing functionality. But while you choose this method, all image metadata will also be sent to the recipient with this link.

This metadata contains tons of information related to that image. Most importantly, it keeps the exact location of the image where it was taken. And you certainly wouldn’t want everyone to have this information. So in this guide we will discuss a method through which you can easily remove location data from images before sharing via Google Photos. Follow the steps below to do so. Also, don’t forget to check out other Google Photos tips and tricks.

Remove location from images in Google Photos

Your location is stored in the image under EXIF ​​metadata. And if someone gets an image through the Photos app, all he has to do is make a swipe up. The pin point location of that image will be displayed on the map. Here’s how you can remove your location from images in Google Photos. However, if you want to track any email via IP address, check out our guide on top.

  1. Open the app Photo and tap the hamburger menu.
  2. Choose Setting from the menu and go to the section Share .
  3. Now just enable the switch Geographical location .

That’s it. You have successfully removed your location from the images in Google Photos. But take a closer look at its description: From photos and videos that you share with a link, but not by other means. So this method only works if you send the media file through the Share Link feature.

If you download an image and then send it to someone, your location may still be there. So what can be done in such cases? Well, it turns out that there also exists a method to manually remove location from images in Google Photos. Here is how it can be done.

Manual delete location

  1. Open the desired image where you need to remove the location.
  2. Do a swipe up or tap the overflow menu at the top right.
  3. Next to the location you will see an overflow menu, tap on it.
  4. Choose Delete location and click Erase in the confirmation dialog.

That’s it. You have successfully removed your location from images in Google Photos. Now you can easily send it through any preferred method of your choice.


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