How to recover data of Samsung SD Card memory card on Windows


There are many types on the market today MicroSD card for smartphones, especially for Android devices, but the supply will be many different manufacturers. Therefore, the quality as well as the ability to respond are completely different. Among them, the outstanding is the memory card Samsung SD Card serves almost all the requirements of an Android device such as photography, data storage and is compatible with most other Android devices.

With an SD card you can completely store documents, videos, photos, or anything else that you consider important, but sometimes it happens silly errors and you have not found a way to recover the files. file on card Samsung SD Card.

Obviously, if you have a Samsung SD card with lost data, you should definitely expect to recover data from it. But the problem is no longer worrying because today XaiAndroid shares with you how to recover all data not only Samsung SD card but any storage device such as a hard drive, pen drive, or SSD. Here are the steps to do it with pictures using the software Wondershare Data Recovery on Windows.


Why use Wondershare Data Recovery?

With Wondershare Data Recovery you completely restore data and is it the best today, reliable. The recovery tool allows you to have a preview of all your lost data, it searches down to every detail and allows you to choose to restore it or just one file file that you need restore.


Wondershare Data Recovery Work well with all storage devices. It specializes in data recovery for Samsung SD Card and other devices with the main features of the software listed below:

  • Wizard mode allows you to easily recover your files with just one click and works just fine when you don’t remember the files you want to recover. This mode is also the easiest of them all.
  • If you already have the correct name and path location of the file to be deleted, then you will choose mode File Recovery Lost Initialize deep search to get the exact same files, without confusion.
  • Partition Recovery also allows you to recover all damaged or corrupted data from a malfunctioning partition easily.
  • ROW Recovery allows you to have a real time preview of all lost data with just one click and work best.

Recover data from Samsung SD Card with easy steps

  1. Launch Wondershare Data Recovery and let it load up for the first time. The program will scan all the lost data and files in your hard disk.
  2. If you have any other device like an SD card to recover, then choose the recovery type, and then click ‘Scan’. This process may take several minutes depending on the files.
  3. After the scan is complete, you can preview all the lost data and either recover all or do selective recovery, which takes a bit more time, but it is worth it. treat.
  4. Finally, choose the path where you want the recovered files to save.

With no more than four easy steps, you have successfully recovered your precious data from either your Samsung SD card or any other storage device. You can get the free trial of Wondershare Data Recovery, and try it out before buying the full version.

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