How to prevent sharing WhatsApp data to Facebook social network


Recently WhatsApp announced that it will begin sharing your phone number and other data with its parent company Facebook. This notice comes with updated terms and conditions and the data exchange will be used to better fight spam and help WhatApp learn about users’ habits. This also opens the way for companies to be able to contact you directly through WhatsApp to send relevant data such as flight or delivery schedules and program authorization status in a customer support location. WhatsApp is similar to what Facebook allowed on Messenger.

Meanwhile, Facebook also benefits with data that it can recommend better friends and display ads more suitable for you. Even though WhatsApp is forewarned with all this, they assume that all chats will be saved and end-to-end encrypted and will be hidden from Facebook or any third-party adware. . All new listings in WhatsApp data will be subject to terms and conditions that can be found on their website.

Can we choose?

Since the official announcement and implementation, many of you may have automatically accepted the new terms and conditions. Don’t worry, you have 30 days before going back to the old state to get rid of these terms by opening the WhatsApp application and selecting “Setting” -> “Account” -> “Share my info” and you uncheck the terms. This will stop sharing phone numbers and user data on WhatsApp, but it may send other data to Facebook. If you use both applications on the same device, it will have many problems that you cannot control. But don’t forget you only have 30 days to opt out, after which you cannot reverse the general decision of the WhatsApp app.

But if you do not receive the new terms and conditions then at the bottom of the page you will find a text message saying “Share my WhatsApp account info with Facebook” and remember to uncheck it. Again this just stops sharing the data users, such as your phone number, etc. the target advertising can find their way to you and if you are part of the few people completely not in the data list they use can be fully controlled. The final decision is still up to you.


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