How to Make the Most of Notifications Now on Android Nougat

Google has made many changes and added more features in Android Nougat. While many of them look like previous features, there are some fundamental changes that bring in more functionality. The Notification The system is one of the important elements of the Android ecosystem. It is quite powerful and simple and allows users to interact with notifications easily. Advanced Android Nougat Notifications much more refined than previous versions with more refined information.

Google has cleaned up the entire UI to make the alerts more subtle and also added some colors to make the notifications distinguishable. The main difference you will notice is the quick actions when you drag the notifications a little bit. Being able to reply to messages right from the notification bar is awesome. See some more features of Android Nougat notifications from below.

Quick reply right in the notification

Notifications look like Android Marshmallow notifications but if you look closely, you’ll see they’re a lot more different. From the lock screen, simply drag the notifications to enable the feature Quick Reply and enter text right from the lock screen or notification bar. However, you may need to unlock this device as a security pattern/PIN is installed

All new notifications are nested if they come from the same app, and individual icons will be arranged to fit the space.

Customize notifications right from the notification bar

Individual app notifications can be customized even in Android Marshmallow, but there are subtle changes in Nougat. In previous Android versions, you needed to long press the notification to reveal the Gear . If you tap the icon, it will take you to the notification settings for that app.

In Android Nougat, you can simply swipe your finger across a notification from right to left. This will bring up a gear icon on the right side of the notification card. Clicking on the icon gives you three options right in the notification bar without navigating elsewhere. So you can choose from the options below right from the pull-down menu.

  • Show notifications silently
  • Block all notifications
  • Stop silence or block

Select one of the two options and press Accomplished to complete the task. You can also click the “Other settings” to see advanced notification options for that app.

Quick settings for Nougat notifications

Substantial updates to the notification system will not significantly change your smartphone usage habits. But it definitely improves the overall user experience and ease of use. Knowing these little tricks will make your Android experience smoother and more efficient.


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