How to know if the Galaxy Note 7 is a faulty device or a new replacement?

Currently, the smart device market is flooded with phone models as well as new and old devices as well as faulty or safe machines, but many people are still deceived from buying a faulty device after a while. used by faulty machines that have not yet recovered and that’s why you need to know how to tell the difference. That’s why today Xiandroid Blog share with you 3 ways to recognize a new machine to replace a faulty machine for the product line Galaxy Note 7 singing now.

Note Samsung Galaxy 7 Released by Samsung but is recalling the main core versions so you need to distinguish to avoid buying the product Note 7 faulty not yet recalled and correct purchase of Note 7 has been fixed by Samsung. If you haven’t replaced your Note 7, contact Samsung support for a replacement immediately. Anyone who purchased a Galaxy Note 7 before September 15 can get a replacement.

So, how do you know if your Galaxy Note 7 is faulty or safe? Samsung has released few guides for buyers to help determine if the Galaxy Note 7 is faulty or not. You can identify the new Galaxy Note 7 replace the word blue battery icon new and a small black square on the label sticker on the packaging box. Check out the instructions below to make sure you buy a Galaxy Note 7 safely.

How To Identify New Galaxy Replace Note 7

Samsung has set up a number of safety checks to ensure public safety and regain their trust. You can identify a new Galaxy Note 7 replacement either from the packaging box or the device directly. In our opinion, we want you to make sure all of the checks below are excluded when you buy a new Galaxy Note 7 from eBay or other sources.

1. Find the new Green Pin Icon

The easiest way to identify the new replacement Galaxy Note 7 is to find out blue battery icon new . Before that, it used to be a gray white gray icon in Note 7 but now it will be distinguished. The new green battery icon will be displayed in three different places:

  • Status bar
  • The display shows Always ON
  • Power off prompt screen (accessed by pressing the Power key)

So you can identify the new Galaxy Note 7 from the green battery icon as shown below the screenshot.

2. The square icon right on the packaging of the box

If you have Galaxy Note 7 box new lying around, you can check if it’s safe or not. All you need to do is to check if the device information label has a black square on it.

It also reported that a few Note 7 boxes shipped with a “”S” to mark it safe.

3. Verify your IMEI

If you want to check further for safety then go to the Galaxy Note 7 Safety Recall page and enter your IMEI. This tool will tell you if the device is safe or if it needs to be replaced.


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