How to install the theme interface for TWRP Recovery 3.0

Recently the developers have released a new update for TWRP Recovery 3.0. This update will add color design, presentation layout, and most of all, security fixes. Help TWRP 3.0 is one of the most popular and trusted open source custom recovery available today. With different features, TWRP 3.0 also supports more than 300 devices of smart device manufacturers.


TWRP 3.0 giving you a wide selection of user interfaces to suit your taste and style. In this article, we only talk about the interface (theme).


Default TWRP 3.0 Theme too familiar but it will be boring, that’s why the programmers have added color options for you to change to your liking. Theme for TWRP 3.0 has been released at XDA forum. The theme pack is a flashable zip file. There are also other options for customization.

What you need to do is:

  • Download and install TWRP 3.0 to your device โ€“ download it here.
  • Download TWRP 3.0 theme pack โ€“ download here.

Install TWRP 3.0 Theme Pack

For the purposes of this article, we assume that your device has TWRP 3.0 installed. Note: older versions of TWRP, this installation package will not work. So you need to update TWRP to version 3.0.

  • Transfer the TWRP 3.0 theme to your device.
  • Turn off the phone completely and reboot into recovery mode.
  • In TWRP, tap Install
  • Locate Theme TWRP 3.0 you have switched to the machine’s memory and selected it.
  • Touch flash

The installation process will be completed quickly. After doing:

  • Tap the home button
  • Next, touch Advanced โ€“ Reload Theme.
  • From here, if you want to change the theme, go to Advanced -> Theme Options -> Change Theme.

Note: Make sure your device’s screen resolution is Full HD (1080p)


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