How to fix the error that iMessage cannot be sent on iPhone

Fix iPhone error that cannot send SMS, iMessage, MMS, group messages

iPhone can’t send messages What am i suppose to do? Let’s find out with How to fix iPhone error that cannot send messages? Please!

When sending messages on iPhone, some show up in blue bubbles, others in green. The message in the blue box uses iMessage – Apple’s proprietary messaging service, while the green is SMS or MMS. If iMessage is turned off, all messages sent normally will appear in a green box.

Fix iPhone error that can't send messages

iPhone is a high-end phone line released by “Apple defect” Apple. It is highly secure with an impressive array of exclusive features. However, nothing is perfect and the iPhone is no exception. Occasionally, some users iPhone can’t send messages or get iMessage error.

What would you do in this situation? Instead of choosing the fastest alternative, calling, you can easily find the cause and fix it because they are all very simple errors. To deal with the error of unable to text on iPhone, try one of the ways below.

Fix iPhone error that can't send messages

How to fix the error that iMessage cannot be sent on iPhone

Check network connection on iPhone

You can’t send messages while iPhone is not connected to a cellular, 3G/4G, or WiFi network. This is the most common cause. At this point, look at the upper left corner of the iPhone screen to check. The 5 horizontal dots icon indicates the strength of your mobile network. Next to it is the familiar WiFi indicator that indicates the strength of the wireless network. If you see a small number of dots or don’t see the carrier name, it means The network is weak or has no connection. The easiest way to re-establish a network connection is to switch to airplane mode (Airplane Mode) and then turn it off.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center.
  • Touch the icon Airplane Mode (first left) so that the icon turns green.
  • You’ll see an airplane icon that replaces the network strength indicator in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Wait a few seconds and then tap the icon again Airplane Mode to turn off.
  • Close Control Center.

The iPhone will then reconnect to the cellular network and the network strength indicator will fill up with 5 dots (or less). Your message will be sent instantly. Or you can check account (for prepaid users) to make sure the balance in the account is sufficient to send the message.

Check the recipient’s phone number/Email

This sounds absurd, but it is understandable, when the message is not sent, it is most likely caused by the wrong address. Please check the recipient’s phone number or Email depending on how the message was sent.

Restart iPhone

Restart iPhone

When neither of the above methods work, return to the classic method of all errors – which is to restart the iPhone. While this won’t fix all iPhone errors, it’s a quick, simple step you should take before deciding to try more complicated methods. Note, you need restart iPhone properly if you do not want to “process” more 1 new error.

Check if the type of message you send is supported?

This depends on each carrier and service plan. Usually, SMS is the most common type of message. Some carriers do not support sending MMS messages (multimedia messages with photos, videos or music). Please contact the carrier’s customer service center for assistance in this case.

Enable MMS or group messaging

If text messages don’t support sending photos or videos, or want to send group messages, you need to enable these features on your iPhone with these steps:

  • Access item Settings.
  • Choose Messages.
  • In the section SMS/MMS, turn on option MMS luxurious On.
  • Do the same with Messaging and Group Messaging.
  • Resend message.

Enable group messaging

Check the date and time settings on iPhone

You may be skeptical about this, but actually setting the correct time and date on your iPhone affects a lot of features. Therefore, take the time to reset the date and time to the standard:

  • Access Settings > General > Date & Time.
  • Move the slider Set Automatically to state On. Then switch back Off then turn it back on On.

Reactivate iMessage

If the recipient also uses an iPhone and has activated iMessage mode on their device, you can completely switch to iMessage messaging to save money. However, when your device accidentally turns off this service, you must re-enable it to be able to use it:

  • Access Settings > Message.
  • Turn on the slider iMessage to state On.
  • Try sending the message again.

Turn on iMessage service

Make sure iMessage is configured correctly

Even though iMessage has been activated, you may not have activated it for a specific number. It’s very easy for you to check that. On iPhone, iPad, open Settings and scroll down until you see Messages. Make sure the iMessage slider is enabled. Then tap Send & Receive.

Here, you’ll see a phone number and email address that can be associated with iMessage. Make sure all numbers and email addresses you want to use are turned on.

On Mac, open the Messages app. From the menu bar, select Messages > Preferences, then the iMessage tab. Make sure any numbers or email addresses you want to use with iMessage are activated here.

If the problem is on more than one device, repeat these steps.

Update carrier settings

To work with your mobile carrier, your iPhone must have a hidden setup file. This file helps you and the network connect to each other by calling, transferring data, and sending messages. Carriers will also update this setting periodically. Make sure your iPhone is using the latest updated version to deal with SMS not sending error.

OS update

It is recommended to use the highest iOS version maybe to ensure the device is not faulty and maximize its power. If you encounter some basic errors such as unable to send messages, connection errors, etc., the best advice is to update to a newer iOS.

Another way to fix iPhone can’t send messages

  • Airplane mode on/off – Airplane: Disable this mode or turn it on and off to test the connection. Your iPhone will reconnect to the available Internet and the message will be sent again as usual. If iPhone still can’t send messages, go out and go to another area to see if the network connection is more stable.
  • Check iMessage System Status: Maybe the problem is not with the iPhone but from the Apple servers. For that, check Apple’s system status page to see if there’s something wrong with iMessage. If so, you have to wait for Apple to fix it.

If doing all the steps above still doesn’t fix this error, it’s time to get more technical help. Contact Apple for device inspection and warranty.

Wishing you success!

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