How to fix microphone on AirPods not working

The AirPods mic is small, can’t speak or is faulty is a common problem for many people. Here are How to fix AirPods mic error simple but effective.

AirPods are Apple’s wireless headphones, an accessory that is loved by “Apples” believers because of their compact design, good sound quality and easy to carry everywhere. However, sometimes AirPods also arise some problems, specifically here are audio problems, mic errors. Why did that happen?

There are a number of causes for this, such as dirt accumulating inside the microphone holes, incorrect configuration settings, etc. Even minor errors can prevent them from working properly.

If your voice is not clear or AirPods are not recognizing the mic, the following tips can help you fix any mic problems when using Apple wireless headphones.

Where is the microphone of the AirPods located?

As most Apple users know, AirPods have a powerful microphone. However, few people know its location. A pair of AirPods with two noise-reducing microphones. You can find them on the bottom of the main handle as shown below.

Microphone position on AirPod

The reason why the microphone of AirPods does not work

  • Dirt: If you regularly use AirPods, or bring this device with you when traveling, working or due to the impact of the environment, dirt can accumulate in or around the microphone, causing it to fail.
  • Not fully charged: Airpod 2 with mic failure is often due to a dead battery.
  • AirPods connection error due to slow processing, the system cannot catch Bluetooth signal. Although rare, this condition often occurs on wireless devices, especially when there is outside interference.
  • Airpods are not installed properly.

How to fix microphone on AirPods not working

Put AirPods in the charging case and connect again

Fix AirPods mic error

Re-establishing connection to iPhone can fix most audio problems with AirPods, especially if it wasn’t long before it was working fine. All you have to do is put both earbuds in the charging case (or Smart Case if you’re using AirPods Max), then take them out and reconnect them.

Remove dirt

Clean the microphone of AirPods

If you’ve been using AirPods for a few months, the microphone holes can contain a lot of dirt inside. Let’s clean them. Spray rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab — don’t get it too wet — and dab it lightly into the AirPods’ microphone holes to soften the dirt. Then use toothpicks or tweezers to remove them.

Note, when doing this, be very gentle so as not to damage the mesh covering the microphone.

Check the operating settings of the microphone

If the microphone only works on one AirPod, your settings may be the problem. Check it out to see the configuration using both mics.

Next Settings > Bluetooth and touch the icon Info edge AirPods. Then touch Microphone and enable the option Automatically Switch AirPods to allow AirPods to decide for themselves the most suitable microphone to use.

Either of the other two settings will only use the left or right AirPod microphone. That can cause problems if you put the wrong headphones in the charging case or have too much ambient noise in the same direction as the active microphone.

AirPods firmware update

Update AirPods firmware version

AirPods running old firmware may not work correctly. Next Settings > General > About > AirPods to see Firmware Version – Current Firmware Version.

If you see an outdated version number, update it. To do this, connect your AirPods to a charging source and place them next to your iPhone connected to the Internet. After 30 minutes, check if the firmware has updated successfully.

Restart iPhone

Restart iPhone

You can also try restarting your iPhone to fix a connection error that prevents it from correctly detecting audio input from your AirPods.

Start by holding the volume down button and the side of the screen for a few seconds (or just hold the side button and Home on iPhone).

Then drag the icon Power to the right to power off the device. Wait 30 seconds before pressing the button next to the iPhone’s screen again to restart it.

Reset AirPods and connect again

If the above methods still do not fix the AirPods mic error, try resetting the AirPods. Start by placing them in the charging case or Smart Case. Then press and hold the . button Status on the charging case (or both buttons Noise Control and Digital Crown on AirPods Max) until the status light turns amber. It’s done. You have completed the AirPods reset process.

Now open the charging case (or take the AirPods Max out of the Smart Case) next to the iPhone and touch Connect > Done.

Repair or replace AirPods

Here is the solution AirPod has a microphone error in the end if all of the above doesn’t work. Contact Apple support or send it to an official Apple dealer near where you live to get the necessary help, repair, and replacement parts.

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