How to find downloaded files on iPhone, iPad

Where is the iOS downloaded file located This is a question many people are interested in. The article will guide you How to see where the downloaded file on iPhone, iPad is located.

iPhone and iPad are used quite commonly in Vietnam. They are just as easy to use as Android devices, but with more security. Using these two devices of “Apple defect” is not difficult. However, viewing downloaded files on iPhone is a problem for many people. iOS and iPadOS have a special folder to save downloads and you can find it via the Files app.

First, locate the Files app on your iPhone/iPad. The fastest way to do this is to use a search engine. From the middle of the screen Home, swipe down, then type Files. Touch Files in search results.

Find the Files app on iPhone

Touch Browse below and touch On My iPhone or On My iPad depending on the device you use.

List in Locations will vary according to the application you install, but your device will always have On My [tên thiết bị].

Access On My iPhone

You will then see a directory listing. In general, most people save files to folders Downloads, so tap it.

Select Downloads on iPhone

You will see a list of downloaded files. During the download process, you can save the file to a folder instead of Downloads. If you don’t see the file you’re looking for, tap the arrow Back in the upper left, then tap another folder.

Folders in download files

After locating the desired download file, you can touch it to preview or hold it to open a pop-up menu. You can then move, copy or rename the file along with other operations.

Option to delete the desired file

Finally, just exit the Files app. The next time you open this app, the file you’re looking for will be right where you placed it before.

Common save location of iOS downloaded files

  • Photo: Image files downloaded on iPhone are mostly located in the Photos app.
  • PDF: If you tap Copy to iBooks, the PDF files are sent or copied to iBooks so you can easily find them as books or tutorials.
  • Other files: App Files is also a common place to save downloaded items on iPhone and iPad. This app opens all files in the iCloud cloud, so it can also include documents from a Mac or other iOS device.
How to find files saved on iPhone

If you use a third-party app like Google Drive or Dropbox installed on your iPad, they’ll show up in the Share menu when you save the file. Be sure to check that location if you want to use a non-Apple file storage solution.

How to manage downloads on iPhone, iPad

Just like on the desktop, you can view and manage your current downloads right in Safari.

  1. Touch the button Downloads in the toolbar (arrow pointing down inside a circle). This action opens a floating menu with your current downloads.
  2. If a file is still loading but you want to cancel it, just touch the icon X.
  3. If you want to continue downloading, touch the . button Resume (like the refresh icon in Safari).
  4. To view files, tap the magnifying glass icon to open the folder Downloads in iCloud Drive.
  5. If you want to delete all downloaded files, just touch Clear.
    1. This action removes any unfinished downloads, so be careful.
    2. All completed file downloads are still in the Downloads folder in iCloud Drive.

Above is How to open downloaded files on iPhone, iPad. Hope the article is useful to you.

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