How to enable color correction on Android operating system

The world we live in looks very beautiful due to the presence of many colors. Imagine how you would feel when you wake up one day and see that things around you don’t have any color. Unfortunately, some people have a certain medical condition that causes them to see things without any color. This is often referred to as color blindness.

Now, people with this condition, they cannot distinguish between a certain color combination. Several others were there as well, who completely failed to recognize any of the colors known to man. However, if you use an Android smartphone, then Google will come to your rescue if you are colorblind.

You might be surprised, but there’s a neat little feature called Color Correction that’s included with Android devices. Depending on which color recognizes the dearness you are facing, you can set up a suitable color scheme. This feature will help smooth out the visual experience of colorblind smartphone users. In this guide, we bring you a simple guide to enable Android Color Correction on any smartphone.

Understanding color blindness

Before we follow the tutorial, we need to understand the different types of color blindness that can occur. Usually, it is very rare to find a person who cannot distinguish a particular color. Although medically the term blindness is used, it resembles a lack of color perception. People are not blind. He can see everything like everyone else but may not be able to distinguish certain colors or sometimes any colors.

Our eyes have a retina consisting of cells that are sensitive to light. These cells work to understand different wavelengths of light and decode the different colors that can be seen. When these cells and their components cannot recognize different colors, then the person cannot distinguish the same color. To date, there is no permanent cure for color blindness.

We’ll explain the visual anomalies that Google’s Android Color Correction feature provides as a temporary solution while using a smartphone.

Types of color blindness that color correction can help with

First, let’s talk about Deuteranomaly. In this deficiency, a person sees green as red. Then come Protanomaly, which is just the opposite of Deuteranomaly. A person with this abnormality will see anything that is red as green.

Next is Tritanomaly. In this medical condition, a person cannot distinguish between Blue and Green. Also, he cannot distinguish Yellow and Red colors.

When you try to enable Android Color Correction, you will then see three options for these three anomalies. So depending on your deficiency, you can choose one option.

So the layout of the smartphone UI will compensate for the color scheme in such a way that the person missing a certain color or color combination will not feel it.

There are many other medical conditions associated with color blindness that exist. One is Monochromacy, where the affected person, cannot see any color at all. Unfortunately, Android’s color correction feature has no options for this or other conditions of color blindness.

How to enable Android color correction

Now let’s go into the process of enabling this feature. It’s quite easy.

  • Move in Setting > System
  • In the System you can find Accessibility . Click on it to open
  • Next look for a tab that says Color Correction. By default, this feature is set to off.
  • Open color correction.
  • There is a toggle option next to it Using Color Correction. Click on it to enable the feature.
  • Then on the same screen you can see the tab Correction mode. Touch it.
  • You will be presented to choose one of three modes namely Deuteranomaly , Protanomaly , and Tritanomaly .
  • Depending on the optical medical condition you have, you can choose any one of the options.
  • Then go back to the main screen. You may find that the color sensitivity and presence of screen content are different.

Note: In some devices, the Accessibility feature is present in Settings. If not, check in the System tab. It will vary from smartphone to smartphone.

So, in case you have any form of color blindness or you know some conditions, try Android’s Color Correction feature. It will make your smartphone experience quite smooth. If you liked this guide, then check out our other guides.


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