How to disable all sensor devices on Android 10

Android 10 definitely redefined the permission manager thus providing more privacy control to the users. Plus, it also has a hidden feature that allows you to disable all of your device’s sensors. Wondering where it could come in handy? Well, some malicious apps can use your device’s gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer sensors to track your location. In that case, this might help. Or the device’s gyroscope sensor can also be used as a keylogger. So in those cases, you might consider turning off the sensor on Android 10. But there are also some huge downsides that come with it.

For example, turning off the sensors disables some important functions of your device. This includes cameras, proximity sensors, compasses, and other applications that depend on them. However, it is always a good practice to have complete knowledge of all your device features. On that note, here are the steps to disable the sensor on an Android 10 device. Also, check out our guide to calibrating the sensor on an Android device.

Turn off sensors on Android 10

There exists a single switch that will turn off all sensors. Enabling it turns off the camera, compass, proximity sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, and ambient light sensor. Some devices that also have linear accelerometers, gravity sensors, rotation vector sensors, and pedometer sensors will also stop working. GPS and radio signals such as WiFi and Bluetooth will continue to work. You can disable them manually from the Notification Panel. With that said, here is how you can disable all sensors on your Android 10 device.

Enable USB debugging

First of all, you will have to enable USB debugging. To do that, go to Setting on your Android 10 device. Then go to About Phone and click Construction number 7 times. You will then be asked to enter pin code if. Doing so will activate the option USB debugging . To access it, go to Setting > System > Advanced > Developer Options . Still having trouble? Please see our in-depth guide on how to enable USB Debugging on Android devices. Now, let’s see the steps to turn off the device sensor.

Disable sensor switching on Android 10

  1. Navigate to Developer Options using the instructions mentioned in the above section.
  2. Next, go to Quick Settings Developer.
  3. Turn on sensor off.
  4. Pass Bulletin board yours and tap Sensor off. This is usually the first choice.

When you do so, all the sensors of your Android 10 device will be disabled. You can even take the help of third-party apps like Sensors Toolbox to confirm that the sensors are off. As mentioned, this option may not always be enabled. Once you’re done testing this new feature, you should turn it off. The same can be done by disabling the toggle Sensor Off in Developer Options.


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