How to detect apps that consume a lot of battery power

Battery life above Android phone It’s what we are most concerned with. Because when we use the phone, it often uses a lot of electricity, but the power is stored on the battery, so it needs to be charged and discharged regularly. But the real culprits of battery consumption could be apps like Pokemon Go. Because it uses both GPS positioning. That’s why in this post will share with you how to detect apps and deal with apps that consume a lot of battery power.

Detecting problematic apps

Sometimes, the applications that we use are often useful but are used regularly during the day causing excessive battery consumption. Perhaps you have a high-end device and this doesn’t change its performance, or goes unnoticed. But suppose smartphone battery efficiency decreases over time, efforts to reduce battery consumption will count for a long time.

To discover which apps are consuming the most battery, open the Settings section of your Android device and go to Power Management (or go to the Power Management section). Battery, which is device dependent) and you’ll see a list of apps and features that are using the battery.


What to do when detecting apps consuming a lot of battery

Once you have found an app that consumes a lot of battery, you can decide what to do with it. Next Setting Press Applications, find the app and tap it. You can opt for a gentle solution like clearing some data or clearing the app’s cache to solve the problem. But often the most effective solutions are to force stop the application and restart it. After you’ve done this, monitor the app to see if it’s still draining the battery like it was before.

In addition, you can also replace the application with an application with similar functions but more stable and lighter on the Google Play Store. Or you may just decide that you don’t want to use it anymore. In any case, from the same app screen, you can uninstall the app so that it doesn’t consume battery anymore which helps prolong the phone usage time.

What if an application is not responsible?

It often happens that it is not some specific app that drains your battery, but a smartphone function. If it’s a monitor, the solution is simple: turn the brightness to a lower setting. You won’t have to high brightness at night and when you’re not using it. In addition, you also need to tweak the time to automatically turn off the screen as short as possible for the battery.


Note: with screen brightness adjustment, it is best to choose auto mode so that the software automatically determines when the light is low and when the light is too bright to match the user’s eyes.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you save time having to charge your device and also extend the time you use it before you have to charge your phone.


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