How to delete phone number information from Truecaller


TrueCaller is a great application and most commonly used today with it providing you phone number information when calling your phone or you dial a number whether the phone number you know or not. The way TrueCaller works is that it takes the contact database right on the application’s server and makes it available to the user of the application. Provided someone installs TrueCaller app and provides necessary permissions, all contacts will be added to TrueCaller . database. So you must not be afraid to see your contact details in TrueCaller even if you never use it.

Although it is a little apprehensive when your own contact information is public and anyone can easily look up using your name and contact number. Moreover, TrueCaller sometimes even lists address, the sensitive information is different. Xiandroid recognizes that some of the phone numbers display home address details and sensitive information that you may not want to make public on the internet.

Xiandroid has been testing and using TrueCaller for a while but has never been overheard by strangers or sent a message. junk email. However, many users contacted through Facebook and Hangouts have asked about how to remove phone numbers and certain things from TrueCaller. How to remove from TrueCaller pretty simple and you can do it in minutes. According to TrueCaller, you can completely remove it from the system and will not appear on the TrueCaller application, but you should not use the application.

How to delete numbers on TrueCaller

If you do not plan to use TrueCaller on your smartphone, you may be able to delete information on TrueCaller by following these steps.

  1. Open TrueCaller app on your Android device. Click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner select Setting ->About ->Deactivate account
  2. Now visit TrueCaller’s website.
  3. Enter your phone number along with the correct country code in the respective fields.
  4. Select unlisting reason from TrueCaller and important in verification confirmation code.
  5. Finally, press the . button Unlist.

TrueCaller takes about 24 hours to delete your number from their database. So check your number from your friends TrueCaller app and see if there is one.


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