How to delete all emails at once on Android

Electronic mail or Email is a very useful method of exchanging messages globally through different platforms. People have been using it since the 1960s, on which it was of limited use. Decades have passed, Email has been widely used professionally for business and personal transactions.

Although Emails are sent a lot, the number of Emails that users can receive can also be very large. In the unlikely event that emails pile up or you have a need to delete old and unnecessary emails, delete many emailsat the same time can be a smart move.

Out of all the platforms used to send and receive emails, Gmail is one of the most commonly used. And just as Android technology came along, so did the Gmail App. Up to this point, the application does not have the function of marking all emails with one click if you want to delete them all at once like other platforms, but there is an alternative.

This article will give you easy to follow steps on how to bulk delete emails in Gmail App.

Step 1:Open your Gmail App and go to the folder containing the emails that you want to delete. You can choose: Main, Social or Promotion. You also have an option to select “All Mail” Recommended if you want to delete emails across all folders without having to switch from one folder to another.

Step 2:Select the email you want to delete

Click the circle icon on the left side of the screen. Make sure you click the circle and not the content preview as it may open the email. If you happen to click on an email and open it by mistake, don’t worry! You can just press the back button and you can continue where you left off..

Step 3:Since there is no “select all” option, you will have to click each circle to delete multiple emails. This can be tiring if you have thousands of emails to delete but much better than having to swipe each email and delete them one by one.

Step 4: Once you’ve selected all the emails you want to delete, just click the delete button (bin icon) in the upper right corner of the app and you’re good to go.

Also, if you want to bulk delete emails from specific senders or use keywords, you can filter them out by searching. When you get the results, just go through the delete process again.

Deleting emails this way is very simple if you just focus on doing it on the Gmail app, although it can be tiring if you want to get rid of thousands of emails, it is still effective.

App to delete all emails at once

So what if you want to delete all the emails on your phone? Check out the following steps on how bulk delete emails onphone Your Androidby mobile app

An example of an app you can use to delete all emails at once is Email of Edison or Edison Email. With a 4.5 star rating on Google Play and lots of positive feedback on youtube and other sites, it is definitely one of the best email clients on the market. It has a simple and clean interface and supports almost any email platform like Office 365, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, MS Exchange, IMAP, Alto, Gmail, iCloud, Comcast, Verizon, AT&T , etc. And besides this ability to delete all emails at once / bulk delete this application, it also has other great features that can help you manage the emails you receive in the future, such as view all your subscriptions in one tab, unsubscribe spam with one tap, block some senders from texting you back, and easily block spam forever.

Here is the step-by-step process on how to install Email Edison and use it to delete emails in bulk.

Step 1: Download Email Email – Fast and Secure Mail

Step 2: Select Gmail (or any supported email you want to import)

Step 3: Select Options at the top left of the screen

Step 4: Select your Gmail account and select the folder containing the emails you want to delete.

Step 5: Hold the bubble on the left side of the Email (usually containing the sender’s initials or photo) click the double check icon in the upper right. It will select all emails already loaded by the page.

Step 6: Click the check icon again. It will select all emails on that folder.

Step 7: Click on the Bin icon in the upper right and it will delete all the selected emails.

How to delete all unread emails in Gmail on Android

Scanning through a bunch of emails looking for unreaders can be a struggle especially when dealing with a large number of emails. And just like how the Gmail app doesn’t have an option to delete emails in bulk, it also doesn’t have an option to filter unread emails in one click. But why waste your time scanning and choosing when there is a simple trick to filter those emails?

Check out the super easy steps below to filter and delete unread emails in Gmail on Android:

First, go to your Gmail App and click on the search field. Type in: unread and hit search. And Voila! you have unread emails filtered out. Just follow the same process in deleting emails on the Gmail mobile app.

While these are very easy steps, they are not recommended for people who receive a large volume of emails. A smarter choice would be to install an email management app. It will save a lot of time and effort. It’s also more efficient than downloading a bunch of apps for every email platform.

There are many email management apps available on Google Play for free. Some activities with others may not work for you. Choose someone you’ll be comfortable working with every day to manage your email, tailored to your needs and style.

I hope this has helped you sort out your problems with email organization, especially on the Gmail App.

Do you know of an app that can do all these tasks efficiently? Share with us!

Note: The steps to delete and search emails on the Gmail App also apply when accessing your Gmail through your phone’s web browser. Similar restrictions apply.


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