How to deal with black screen when you make a phone call on smartphone

As usual, the principle of operation of the phone when making a call is quite simple. The screen lights up when you don’t put the phone in your ear, but when you put it on your ear it goes dark. It works on the principle that the light sensor on the phone detects light, and no light also means that when it is placed on the ear, the sensor does not recognize the light, it will turn dark and vice versa. .

What causes black screen when you make or receive an incoming call?

As explained above, I will list the problems that cause this phenomenon

  • Software conflicts cause temporary errors and malfunctions
  • Operating system error, modified operating system, incompatible with the phone
  • Phone dropped, bumped, soaked in water.
  • Damaged by mainboard, proximity sensor cable.
  • The sensor area is covered with dirt and dust

What to do when you receive or call a phone but the screen is black

Sensor cleaning

You proceed to clean the eye area of ​​the sensor, in addition, you also need to check the tempered glass again, because poor quality tempered glass is also the cause of the sensor’s effect.

Software updates

You need to update to the latest version of the operating system as well as the publisher’s application

Restore factory settings

Factory reset is also the best thing when you do the above 2 steps with no improvement

Restart the phone

You can also turn off the phone and restart the phone so that the operating system recognizes the hardware components and it will check for software errors and return to the correct cycle of a software. original

In addition to the above methods but still not working, you need to take it to a reputable professional phone repair shop for them to check the device’s hardware cable.


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