How to control the data Twitter collects from you

In this guide, we’ll list the steps to control the data Twitter collects from you. Each app collects your data in some form or another. While the method of doing so may vary, the purpose remains the same – to get more information about you and thereby send you customized advertising and personalized content. But not every user seems to be okay with data collection. As a result, all the big companies have been transparent about this.

Furthermore, they now also give users full control over how this collection takes place and more importantly, what kind of data is being collected. And micro blogging site is no different in this respect. You can control what data Twitter collects from you and even disallow it from collecting certain other types of data. All this is possible from within the application itself. So let’s see the steps to do so. On that note, also check out the steps to revoke app access from your Twitter account.

Why does Twitter collect your data

Twitter collects your data to personalize the content you see on your feeds and for the other purposes mentioned here:

Send you personalized ads

Based on your Twitter activity, the website will display ads based on your interests. For example, let’s say a beauty salon seller wants to promote their products on Twitter. But a generic ad won’t do them much good because half of the audience might not even be interested in interacting with those ads. That living room can thus share a list of hashed encrypted email lists that will then be matched by Twitter on its platform.

So Twitter will then only show ads to accounts where the associated email matches those offered by the beauty salon. It may also work the other way around. For example, if you visit a beauty salon’s website and log in with the same email ID that you used here, Twitter may log your activity on that site.

Personalization based on your inferred identity

Yes, this requires quite a bit of understanding. In simpler words, Twitter personalizes content based on the information you provide and the device you are using and even the browser you use. It also takes a clue from email addresses and phone numbers that are similar (like same initials, same last name, etc.) to those associated with your Twitter account. While everything else is self-explanatory, you can think about devices and browsers and how they help Twitter in this respect. Let’s understand it with the help of an example.

Let’s say you browse Twitter using the Android app. At the same time, you are using the Chrome browser on your laptop browser through a sports website. There you find an embedded tweet and start interacting with it (a simple like or tweet will do). Twitter will then deduce that your Android device and the Chrome browser on your laptop are related to you. Hence, it will then send you sports related ads on your Android device. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

Personalization based on places you’ve been

Twitter uses your current location and other relevant information such as where you’ve signed up to send you recommendations and promote content.

Follow where you see Twitter content on the web

Let’s say you visit a website looking for a new mobile device. The site has also integrated Twitter content as embedded timelines. Twitter will then review your visit to this smartphone site and will then suggest you accounts that frequently tweet about new smartphone launches. In the same line, it can show you ads on smartphones and mobile devices. Sacred about your privacy? Well, Twitter explicitly mentions that it doesn’t link your browsing history to your account, email or phone number.

Share your data with twitter business partners

Twitter may also share your interactions on its website with business partners for brand promotion and marketing. Your non-public data such as the tweets you have seen, your likes and interests, may be shared with these partners. Again, the momentum boils down to this – Twitter wants to send you personalized content and ads on your timeline.

How to control what Twitter data is being shared

With so much data exchange going on, obviously you all probably want to know how to control all this data transmission. Well, the app provides an easy method to handle all this. Here’s what needs to be done:

  1. Open Twitter app and tap your avatar.
  2. Headquarters to Settings and Privacy and click Privacy and safety .
  3. Move to Personalization and data . There you will find all sorts of Twitter data being shared.
  4. You can uncheck options that you think don’t do a fair bit of your privacy. Or you can disable all options altogether by disabling Toggle Data and Personalization located at the top of the page.

So this is all about all the data collected by Twitter and you can effectively manage it. Please note that disabling these options will not disable all recommended ads or content. It just means you won’t get content and ads based on topics you’re interested in.


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