How to automatically translate conversations on iPhone

iPhone can automatically translate conversations without you having to touch the screen after each sentence. Here are How to automatically translate conversations on iPhone.

Understand foreign languages ​​easily thanks to the automatic translation feature on iPhone
Understand foreign languages ​​easily thanks to the automatic translation feature on iPhone

App Translate – the built-in translation tool on Apple devices, there is a new feature called Auto Translate, which supports iOS 15 and above. This underrated app now allows you to chat with foreigners comfortably by translating conversations in real time. Here are How to enable automatic translation on iPhone.

How to turn on automatic translation of conversations on iPhone

It’s important to note that iPhone has the ability to translate voice from iOS 14. So, if you haven’t updated the operating system, you still have a way to use the translation app on your iPhone.

All you have to do to translate on your iPhone is go to Conversation in the app Translate and touch the microphone button before speaking. Do the same when you want to translate the words of the person you are talking to.

However, the translation software on the iPhone has changed when iOS 15 was released. The device now has the ability to automatically translate conversations without the user having to touch the mic button. This makes the conversation more natural, seamless, and comfortable.

To use the direct translation feature on the iPhone screen, make sure you have updated the operating system to iOS 15. Then you can enable Auto Translate as follows:

  1. Open the app Translate.
  2. Tap tab Conversation in the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Don’t forget to select your language and the language you want to translate for the chat.
  4. Touch icon > choose Auto Translate.

Live translation software on iPhone will automatically detect the voice and pause to translate the conversation into the language of your choice in real time.

How to get languages ​​for automatic translation when offline

This is useful when the Internet connection is interrupted or slow. To make sure you can still translate conversations without an internet connection, download your favorite language to translate offline on iPhone:

  1. Open Settings > touch Translate.
  2. Touch Downloaded Languages, select the language you need, then tap the icon Download next to them.
  3. Activated On-Device Mode let the device automatically translate the detected voice in the loaded language.

Note, offline translation may not be as accurate as when the Translate app is connected to the Internet.

Above is How to automatically translate conversations on iOS. Hope the article helps you to use the translation application on iPhone more effectively.

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