How to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts on mobile

How to delete IG account from the device is not difficult, but how to delete Instagram account will be a bit more complicated. Let’s find out with How to manage multiple Instagram accounts on smartphones Please!

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

Nowadays, nearly everyone has at least one social media account. This is a place for people to communicate, exchange and share feelings about all issues in life. Therefore, social networks have now become an indispensable part of many people’s lives, especially the youth generation. In addition to Facebook, Instagram is also a social network with a high number of active users today.

Other Facebook, Instagram focuses mainly on photo sharing. Instagram is loved for its ease of use, rich, unique and beautiful filters. Even if the photo is bad, the work will become more sparkling when you use an Instagram filter. Because of that, more and more people are creating Instagram accounts. Not only that, this social network also allows creating & using multiple accounts at the same time.

Currently, the social network Instagram allows users to create up to 5 accounts. Not too much but enough for you to comfortably share it with family and friends. You can also use multiple Instagram accounts for other purposes such as advertising, business… Isn’t that great? So how to manage multiple Instagram accounts when using them at the same time? Here is the answer for you.

Add Instagram account
Manage up to 5 Instagram accounts in the same app

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts on mobile

How to Create Multiple Instagram Accounts on iPhone or Android

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to the profile page.

Step 2: Touch icon hamburgers > Settings.

Manage multiple Instagram accounts

Step 3: Touch Add Account.

Add Instagram account

Step 4: Type the account credentials you want to add.

Step 5: Touch Log In.

Step 6: To easily access multiple Instagram accounts with one login, back Settings and touch Set up Multi-Account Login.

Set up multiple Instagram accounts

Step 7: Select the account you want to use to log in all. Note, whoever accesses the account you choose has access to all linked accounts.

Follow the instructions from steps 1 to 5 for each account you want to add. You can add up to 5 Instagram accounts.

If you use several Instagram accounts at the same time, you will receive push notifications for each account if you enable this feature. To view notifications for each account, you must visit Profile and select the username from the list.

Switch between Instagram accounts
Quickly switch between Instagram accounts without logging out, logging in manually

How to post to multiple Instagram accounts

You can now post to any account you just added to the Instagram app. Just select the account you want to use, and start posting as usual.

If you want to know which account you’re using, look at your profile picture.

How to switch between Instagram accounts

After opening Instagram on mobile, go to the page Profile and tap the username at the top of the screen. There will be an option for you to choose 1 of the Instagram accounts added to the application.

Push notifications for multiple Instagram accounts

Push Notifications for Instagram

If you’ve added multiple Instagram accounts, you can receive push notifications from any account once you’ve enabled this feature. This feature depends on the last login and the number of devices signed into an account.

How to delete an added Instagram account

Open the Instagram profile, select the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Scroll down and select Log out of [tên người dùng]. Signing out of an account is equivalent to removing that account from the Instagram app. If you want to delete your entire account, just select Log out of All Accounts.

Delete Instagram account
Remove Instagram account from management list

With this new feature, using multiple Instagram accounts at the same time or sharing the Instagram app with loved ones is no longer a problem. From now on you can manage up to 5 Instagram accounts in the same app, quickly switch between accounts or delete accounts and add new accounts with just one touch.

Use social media management tools

Manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time

If you’re finding it difficult to track activity across all your Instagram accounts at once, use a social media management tool, such as Buffer and Hootsuite. They can help you monitor and keep an eye on all the activity happening on the Instagram accounts you manage. All in the same place. You will have a unified inbox to receive notifications from all accounts. You can quickly respond to comments and questions from your followers.

Most tools like this allow assigning tasks right in the inbox by tagging relevant members. This is a great feature if you have separate groups for sub-accounts. It facilitates easy cooperation and improves work efficiency.

You can access per-account analytics and record each engagement number. You can create and schedule posts and even cross-platform content promotions.

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