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What is Heroverse? Surely this is the question of many of you in the recent NFT game market. This is considered an NFT game project that promises to explode in the future. If you still don't know what Heroeverse game is.
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What is Heroverse?

Heroverse is a Match 3 Puzzle and RPG type of strategy game. For the first time this type of game is built on Blockchain. With inspiration from Match – 3 Puzzle, the production team aimed to design a very simple and easy to understand game for the purpose of entertaining users.

In addition, Heroverse also focuses on RPG features: explore – loot. Aimed at characters that develop in an interactive way with the story. Designed according to the “Play and Earn” model, users not only experience but also aim for economic benefits.

Highlights in the game Heroverse

Play and Earn model

Instead of using the Play to Earn model, Heroverse adopts the Play and Earn model. This is different from games on NFT which are always focused on making money. Instead, users will experience playing games and making money in balance.

Heroverse Game
HeroVerse Game 7

The game uses the Play and Earn model to serve the parallel playing experience and monetization feature

Hero power increase

Just by applying the currency conversion, make the game easily accessible to crypto currency and increase hero power.

Use 2 types of tokens

The ecosystem in the game has 2 types of tokens: HER and HRE. So the economy in this type of game is always balanced between the number of heroes created and the players.

What is the earning mechanism in Heroverse?

Heroverse Game 1
HeroVerse Game 8

There are 4 different earning mechanics for players

There are a total of 4 monetization mechanisms:

– Trading: Selling heroes and items.

– Rent: Rent heroes with prices based on strength, rank.

– Gacha: This function allows you to spin the wheel of fortune to receive valuable heroes.

– Reward: Earn money by performing tasks, in-game events…

Information about Tokens in Heroverse

– Token Name: HeroVerse Token

– Ticker: HER.

– Token Standard: BEP-20

– Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain.

– Contract: Updating

– Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 HER

– Token Type: Utility Token

– Storage wallet: Can be stored at exchange wallets or supported wallets such as Trust Wallet, Metamask…

Token Utility in Heroverse

Heroverse Game 2
HeroVerse Game 9

The HER and HRE Token utility in the game has a difference

 In Heroverse’s ecosystem, there will be 2 types of tokens: HER – HRE. Token utility in Heroverse game is as follows:

– HER is a prefabricated Token that governs Heroverse. HER holders will use to buy Heros, Gacha.

– HRE is an unlimited Token, this is a currency that players can earn and spend on in-game features.

To create a new hero in the Heroverse game, there are two ways: Summoning and in the Hero Box Limited.

+ Limited Hero Box: Sold at the start of the game or at events.

Summon: Created by sacrificing some HER and 4 heroes.

Token Allocation in Heroverse

The distribution of Tokens in the Heroverse game is as follows:

– Team & Advisor: 20%

– Ecosystem: 25%

– Seed Round: 5%

– Private Round: 8.5%

– Public Round: 1.5%

– Liquidity & Marketing: 20%

– Foundation: 20%

Heroverse Game 3
HeroVerse Game 10

Allocation of tokens in the game

What is the Heroverse release plan?

Heroverse Game 4
HeroVerse Game 11

The game release plan is divided into several stages

According to the plan, Heroverse will release in the following steps:

– Team & Advisor: Lock for 6 months, unlock for about 18 months.

– Private Sale: 10% issued at TGE, after 3 months linear change within the next 12 months.

– Foundation: Unlocked for a period of 60 months.

– Seed Sale: 5% issued at TGE, after 3 months linear change within the next 12 months.

– Public Sale: 40% issued at TGE, and change linearly within the following 2 months.

– Ecosystem: 10% is released continuously in the first month, after linear changes in the next 36 months.

– Marketing & Listing: 15% released at TGE, then converted linearly over the next 24 months.

Above, AppNew answered what Heroverse is . Along with that is all the information about this game series. If you are interested, you can download and try the experience to get the best entertainment moments, and at the same time earn more income for yourself!Rate this post

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