Google Doodle Pizza Game

Have you tried Google Doodle Pizza game but don’t know how to get to the last round? The game looks simple, but it’s not easy to “eat” at all. If you still have not solved this interesting game, please refer to the answer in the following article.

How many rounds does Google Doodle pizza game have?

This mini game has a total of 11 rounds with 11 different types of pizza. To win each round requires you to cut the pieces of cake that meet the requirements as well as the number of customers.

The types of Pizza cut in each round are:

  • Margherita : main ingredients are cheese, tomatoes, basil. This is a pizza included in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • Pepperoni: topped with cheese, sausage slices. This is an extremely popular pizza in America.
  • White pizza: includes cheese, white sauce, mushrooms, broccoli. Originated from Italy.
  • Calabresa: main ingredients are black olives, cheese, Calabresa sausage and onions. This pizza originated from Brazil.
  • Mozzarella: pizza topped with cheese, oregano, green olives. This is a famous Argentinian cake.
  • Hawaiian Pizza: mainly made from pizza base combining cheese, ham and pineapple. This type of pizza originated in Canada.
  • Magyaros: Originated from Hungary. Cake made with cheese, salami, bacon, onion, chili.
  • Pizza Teriyaki Mayonnaise: extremely popular in Japan. It is a pizza made with cheese, teriyaki chicken, seaweed, and mayonnaise.
  • Pizza Tom Yum: comes from Thailand. Bring the flavor of Tom Yum soup when blending flavors of cheese, shrimp, mushrooms, chili, lime leaves.
  • Paneer Tikka: This type of pizza originated in India. The main ingredients are paneer cheese, bell peppers, onions, paprika.
  • Dessert: this is a sweet pizza, topped with a variety of sweet foods such as sweet cheese, fruit, chocolate, etc.

How to solve Google Doodle Pizza game

Google Doodle pizza game from sentences 1 – 9

How to play Google Pizza cutting game after December 7

From December 8, you will no longer be able to find Pizza cutting games via the Google logo. However, if you still want to try, you can join the mini game above by:

  1. Go to Pizza cutting game on Google HERE .
  2. Press the Play button to start playing.

There are many other Google Doodle mini games on the doodle archive. You can slowly explore.

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