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Version Size Requirements Date
UEFI Win10.21H2.Lite.tib - OS Windows 27/03/2022
Win10.21H2.Lite.gho - OS Windows 27/03/2022
Win10.21H2.Lite.iso - OS Windows 27/03/2022


Ghost Win 10 is a fast, light, smooth Windows 10 operating system ghost file that helps you install Windows 10 faster, keeping it stable when used like the original Win. The Ghost Win 10 version has been installed, optimized, tweaked, … multi-configured, suitable for many users, and has many important software and tools built-in.

1. Introduction to  Ghost Win 10.

Ghost Win 10 is a download of Ghost Windows 10 that we provide to those of you who need to install Windows 10 operating system. Instead of a completely new installation of Windows 10 operating system, the ghost win 10 is fast, This lightweight software will help you save time reinstalling and safe for your system, currently available files Ghost Win 10 32bit and Ghost Win 10 64bit for you to choose to download, both in the form Ghost Win 10 32bit Google Drive and Ghost Win 10 64bit Google Drive files. Ghost Win 11 download is also available on TAIMIENPHI.VN to help you install the operating system faster, and has some important software built-in.

Ghost Win 10 files  are now available a lot on the internet, depending on your needs, you can refer to and download the ghost file that best suits your computer configuration. Many Windows 10 ghost files have built-in software that is popular and important to today’s computer users.

1.5. Ghost Win 10 brings a good-looking interface and colors, making the system run more stable

Many versions of Ghost Win 10 today meet a lot of user needs such as interface, color … and especially the Ghost Win 10 version contains priority software and some software that needs to be enlarged. Activating copyright to help users can use it immediately after ghost windows 10 is finished, similar to the Ghost Win 11 download also has many advantages to help users not have to reinstall the necessary software.

Many people believe that installing a new Windows 10 will help the system run faster and more stable after a long time. That is correct, however, instead of reinstalling Windows 10, we will have another way that is ghost win 10. Also refresh Windows 10, but ghost windows 10 will have more interesting things. It is a short installation time, integrated with many pre-installed copyright software, many necessary software for the computer … And many other interesting things are included in each separate ghost win 10. If you are “nostalgic” a bit, perhaps Win XP will meet this user’s request; Download Ghost Win XP new version.

1.6. Ghost Win supports all versions of Windows

Windows 10 as well as operating systems with lower versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows XP can be installed by re-ghosting Win. This is a quick and effective way to do it for many people. If the ghosting time of the operating systems is similar, the only difference is in the capacity of each ghost (it is the number of software and applications installed in the ghost version, as well as the Windows functions are removed). reduce, shorten the size…) However, if you need the full features of an operating system, a new installation will be a better choice for you.

1.7. Compare Ghost Win and reinstall Win

Downloading Ghost Win 10 or Ghost Win 11 saves you a lot of time instead of installing new Windows 10. As you all know, to install a new Windows 10, we will spend a lot of time, instead of waiting for more than 1 hour, using Ghost win 10 will take you a lot less time. And on the other hand, in many versions Ghost Win 10 will have all the software you need, this helps you not to have to install software after installing Windows 10 anymore. With the Ghost Win 8 version also selected, supplemented and refreshed by to meet user needs, download Ghost Win 8 to use.

As mentioned above, the time to ghost Win 10 as well as other operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows XP … will take quite a bit of time. If you are a person who values ​​time, spending more than an hour to install Windows 10 will definitely make you quite uncomfortable. However, if you do ghost windows 10, you will only have to spend half or less of that time to have a new Win 10 operating system on your computer. Users who want to return to using Win 7 can download Ghost Win 7, now has updated Ghost Win 7 to the final version released by Microsoft.

Installing new Windows 10 has always been the way people use to repair and speed up their computers. However, after installing Windows 10, the software installed on the system will be lost, then we need to reinstall from where some essential software such as Google Chrome or CocCoc web browsers. , office 2016 office software, anti-virus software … and more, with some copyrighted software like Office 2016, it will take you time to install and re-register

1.8. Ghost Win support software

Onekey Ghost is one of the new software for new users, however, those who have been using  Onekey Ghost can not deny the results that the program brings. With 2 features that go hand in hand, it is creating ghost files as well as extracting ghost files to help users take the initiative in ghosting their windows 10.

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