Fix the Computer not showing up on the Screen

In the process of using the computer, you have encountered many times when the computer tries not to turn on the screen.

What is the error of the computer not on the screen?

The problem of the computer not appearing on the screen is an error that you have encountered many times when using a PC or laptop. This error is quite frustrating for those who have no processing experience or are not technically savvy.

This situation occurs when you turn on the power button to start the computer system but the screen does not display any information. It only comes in a black or blue color and you can’t do anything else.

What is the error of the computer not on the screen?

The reason why the computer does not turn on the screen?

Here are some of the main reasons why the computer fails to show up on the screen:

  • The power cord plugged into the monitor may be loose
  • Loose connection cable
  • Monitor hardware problem
  • RAM slot is loose
  • Faulty cable,…
The reason why the computer does not turn on the screen?

5 ways to fix the error that the computer does not turn on the screen

Here are 5 ways to quickly and effectively fix the error of the computer not showing up on the screen:

Turn off the machine with the Power button

When the computer crashes, it doesn’t completely shut down, so when you press restart the computer, you can’t see the screen turned on. Therefore, you should try shutting down the computer completely by Restarting.

Do it by: Press and hold the Power button on the box for about 7-10 seconds to turn off the machine completely. At that time, pay attention to listen to the CPU fan stops running. The light signal on the CPU case also turns off, then the operation has been successfully performed.

Next, wait for about 30 seconds and then press the Power button to turn the device back on. The computer will restart as usual and the screen will display as the original settings.

Power button.

Adjust the RAM slot

This is also one of the reasons why the computer fails to display the screen. Because the RAM stick plays an extremely important role in your computer department.

The situation where the RAM may be damaged or dusty due to not being cleaned for a long time is very easy to suddenly not show up on the screen.

Fix the error by: Turning off the computer and then unplugging the power source. Then proceed to remove the computer RAM and then use a soft cloth to gently wipe the surface of the bar to remove dirt and then re-insert the RAM tightly in the original position. Next, restart your computer screen.

Adjust the RAM slot

Check Cable connected to the monitor

It is possible that the cable connected to the screen is loose, which is also a frequent cause of the error of the machine not on the screen.

To fix the error we do the following: Remove the connection Cable and then reconnect the Cable . This operation is relatively easier to do on a PC than a laptop.

Because when you do it on a laptop, you have to disassemble it quite hard. As for the PC, just a simple trick is to remove the Cable and plug it back in to make sure it’s done.

Check Cable connected to the monitor

Replace Video Card

Normally, video cards are quite durable, so the probability of damage is very unlikely. However, if PCs and laptops are used for a long time and are used regularly. It is difficult for hardware devices such as video cards to be durable.

Therefore, to fix the error caused by the Card, the only way is to bring the device to a reputable repair center or call the trusted technical staff to check and replace the Card. New screen for you.

Replace Video Card

Check LED status

The computer’s LED lights have many different colors but are mainly green, orange, red, … If you have fully plugged the power cord into the electrical outlet and checked the sockets for sure, then pay attention to the computer screen light. .

If it does not light up, the reason is that the monitor power cord is loose is very high, you should observe and plug it back in tightly.

Check LED status
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