Fix Recovery error after upgrading OnePlus 2 to Oxygen OS 3.0.2


With the latest operating system Android Marshmallow then the operating system customizes from Android Marshmallow It’s a Oxygen OS It is impossible not to keep up with the trend. With version Update Oxygen OS 3.0.2 then the device OnePlus 2 also upgraded to Android Marshmallow. But when you proceed to this OS version, your device will also encounter an unexpected situation. That is really terrible and Carl Pei, the CEO of OnePus has stated that it is an error that cannot be booted into recovery (recover).

The developers on the XDA forum have also warned about this problem and when this error occurs, it seems that the device does not work and gets stuck, aka OnePlus logo hanging. But you don’t need to worry much because here’s how to solve the problem.


Before proceeding, you need to ensure the following issues.

  • You are using an unlocked OnePlus 2.
  • Make sure you have the Driver installed. Download here.
  • Make sure the battery has at least 80 to 85% remaining.
  • Make sure you have ADB and Fastboot installed.
  • Activation mode USB Debugging.
    • If you don’t see the developer option (Develop Options), you need to enable it manually by going to Settings -> About Phone -> tap about 7 times on Build Number until you see the message that you have enabled it.
    • Then go back to Settings and you find Develop Options. Open it and enable USB Debugging.
  • You need to perform a backup of data and applications before doing so because it may be deleted.
    • For Contacts, Calendar and People you use your Google Sync account for backup.
    • For apps and application data, use one of the following:

Warning: The following steps can damage your device if you do it incorrectly, so you should be responsible for your device.


You will need to download the files above keep them on your desktop.

Steps to perform recovery recovery on OnePlus 2

  1. First you need to enable “Develop Options” as above then USB Debugging and Advanced Reboot. Now you boot the device into recovery or fastboot mode by powering off the device and booting into via “Power Off“.
  2. Press and hold the Power button and select Reboot -> Bootloader. Your phone will now boot into fastboot mode.
  3. Next connect OnePlus 2 to the computer while in fastboot mode, open Command Prompt and type the following code:

    fastboot devices

    It is essential if your device connects to the computer successfully, but if it doesn’t show your device name then you can Driver installation incorrect.

  4. Now type the following command to change the command prompt directory on your computer.

    cd Desktop

  5. Type the following command to clear fastboot cache

    fastboot erase cache

  6. Type the following command and press enter.

    fastboot flash recovery

    This will install recovery on your OnePlus 2 to fix it.

Once done, your device reboots and enters recovery by holding Power + Volume Down and releasing the Power button again for the OnePlus logo to appear and it will boot right into recovery.


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