Fish Bowl game helps test Computer and Mobile

Currently, there is an online game on the web that allows you to measure the performance and FPS of both phones and computers very simply. Let’s learn how to measure performance and FPS for your device right now.

Instructions to test the performance and FPS of the device with the game Fish Bowl

Step 1: You access the address following this link to enter the game’s interface.

The interface of the game

Step 2:  In the main interface of the game, there are many components.

  • The first is the Fish section, this is the place to choose the number of fish, used to measure the performance and FPS for the device.
  • The second is the Player interface for you to choose the accompanying effects to make the game heavier and functional like its name.
  • The third is the FPS measurement of the device, located in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • And finally the fish tank. This is the place to display the fish that you have specified the number of. The more fish also corresponds to the number of. Players that your device must operate to measure performance in the most accurate way.

Step 3: When entering the interface to start testing performance and FPS . You choose the item Fish and increase the number of fish gradually Or choose auto to let the game automatically increase the number of fish for you. The number of fish you can test from 1 to a maximum of 2000 fish.

Choose the number of fish to tets

Note: You should increase the number of fish gradually from small to large. Should not increase suddenly, leading to the device being frozen, lagging because the load is too heavy.

  • The higher the FPS index of your device, the smoother the processor, the FPS index is a measure of the processing performance of your phone.
  • The average standard FPS of the phone is 30FPS or higher. If this index is below 30, the device will start to appear jerky and lag.

Step 4: Check the FPS and the number of fish your device is loading with the game’s measuring tool

View measurement results

Tip : FPS is an acronym for Frames per second – this is the number of frames per second. In other words, FPS is a parameter that measures the number of images. That the graphics processing unit (GPU) can render and display per second on your screen. Or is also understood as the quality of the video card rendering. How many images in 1 second displayed on the screen. That means the more frames the GPU can render and fully display on your screen per second, the smoother your gaming experience will be.

Above is the entire tutorial to test the performance, FPS of the device with the extremely attractive Fish bowl game. Please follow along and do as you go. Please leave comments if you have any questions and don’t forget to share the article if you find it useful!

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