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Google Photos can help you make the quality movie you want. In this article, let’s Download.vn learn how to create movies from the Google Photos app!

Thanks to the support of technology, making movies and recording clips on smartphones is extremely easy. In particular, you can also sync them to your computer after just a few touches. You don’t even have to install a third-party app if you’re using the built-in default Google Photos. The guide below will help you use Google Photos to make the movie you want in the simplest way.

How to create a movie from the Google Photos app

How to make a movie with Google Photos

Many people think that Google Photos is just for simple photo management and editing, but in fact, it offers more features than that. You can take advantage of the feature of grouping photos or videos captured over time to create a single clip.

Make movies with Google Photos

But before you start doing it, there is one important thing you need to keep in mind, which is to use a suitable method for video recording. Because there’s nothing worse than watching a movie made on a smartphone but switching between portrait and landscape formats, not a video throughout.

In short, if you’re planning to make a movie with Google Photos, make sure you always keep your shooting orientation consistent. This movie editing tool is available for both iOS and Android (not supported on Windows 10 devices), however you will notice some differences in the performance between the application on the two operating systems.

Create movies on Android devices with Google Photos

Creating a movie in Google Photos on an Android device is incredibly simple. You just need to open the application, select the videos, even photos in the library that you want to use. You can select up to 50 clips, click the +, then select Movie from the menu Create new.

Select a photo or clip to make a movie

Wait for a few minutes for the files to load and the video will start playing. You will have the option to give the footage a title and preview it.

Start making movies

Please note that the theme or style for the video is already pre-selected by the app. But you can still make edits later.

Manual movie editing

The automatic movie creation option is very useful and can sometimes yield great results. However, to get the best results, you need to edit your clips manually. You edit by selecting the icon ribbons during playback.

Manual movie editing

Clips can be rearranged (long press and drag) or removed completely (tap and tap the icon). Garbage can). Click on the sign + to find the original clip in the library if you want to restore it.

You can edit each clip, but download it first and once you’re done, you can re-upload it. This process is quite time consuming.

In addition, you can also fine-tune the music via the . icon Note and change the keyboard button usage style. The different tunes are available in the Google library as a collection of royalty-free clips sorted by genre. You can also choose music from your device’s library, but if you want to share clips, it’s best to make sure you have permission to use those tunes.

Cut and insert background music

Meanwhile, there are many video styles that you can choose from such as 8mm film filter, black and white mode or documentary themes. Once done, click check mark to confirm the changes. Wait for the edited version to be uploaded and you will be able to share it via your regular Android apps.

How to cut video

  1. Open Google Photos.
  2. Select the video you want to trim and touch it to start playing.
  3. Click icon Edit to load the in-app editor.
  4. Choose Crop and a crop box will appear around the clip.
  5. Select the format you want to use: Free, Square, 16:9, 4:3, or 3:2. If you choose Free, you can resize the clip to any ratio by adjusting the sliders on each edge of the crop box.
  6. When satisfied with the result, tap Save copy to save the video. This action saves the trimmed clip as a new version and does not affect the original (unedited) clip.

For larger files, you should cut the video by computer. However, remember the first thing you need to do is transfer files from your Android device to your PC.

Create great movies on iOS with Google Photos

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, the movie-making process is similar to that of an Android device, but with some notable differences.

You select video clips or images. Drag your finger diagonally to select additional files. When you’re done, click on the sign +, then click Movie in the menu Create new.

Create great movies on iOS with Google Photos

From here, you will see a clear difference between the application on Android and on iOS. With iOS, files downloaded from Google Photos’ unlimited cloud storage show a timeline, making it easy to see what’s going on.

Downloaded files show a timeline

In the app, you can tap each clip in the timeline on the left-hand side to see what’s been selected.

If you’re satisfied with the auto-generated video just tap Save. You can then share the finished video to your favorite social networks. The menu located in the upper right allows you to download the video you just created to your tablet or phone or Add to album to save to Google Photos cloud storage.

And if you don’t like it, you can choose Delete to delete it or select Edit to perform editing operations.

Editing and cutting footage

Trimming, removing or adding a new clip to the Google Photos movie editor on iOS is simple. First, review the video and record what you want to change. You will see when playing the video, clips are marked one after another, and the scenes used in the compiled video are marked with start and end placeholders.

To change the cut, simply drag the placeholders so that the scene you want to see in the movie is selected. If you want to completely delete the video, click ellipsis at the bottom of each row to display the menu, then tap Remove.

Editing options

Also in this menu there are options like hide the trimmed parts (Hide), Sound off (Mute) and insert clips (Insert clips). You can also copy a clip with Duplicate.

Audio Editing

If you are not satisfied with the preselected sound, you can click the . icon Note to select music from your device (My Music) or from a royalty-free library (Theme music). Alternatively, you can choose No music if you just want to hear the sound in the clip but don’t like to insert music

Insert background music

However, unlike the Android version, you can’t apply theme filters or Instagram-style filters to your footage. This seems to be an unfortunate omission, hopefully this feature will be added in future updates.

Whichever version you use, you’ll end up making great videos, complete with background music and even an Instagram-style filter. Once created, you can share on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network for everyone to enjoy.

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