Enable Storage Adoptable Mode on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are the 2 latest products in the Samsung Galaxy S product line with impeccable hardware configuration that comes with the operating system. Android Marshmallow with Samsung’s revamped TouchWiz interface. In the bundled version, there is an Adoptable Storage feature that is quite nice to use and is one of the best and greatest features on Android Marshmallow. However, this feature is disabled so you need to enable it again in order to optimize storage to be able to install other applications.

The good news is how to reactivate Adoptable Storage feature on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is quite simple in few steps. Of course, to do the reactivation you need SDCard and the computer was install ADB. Note how to do this PaulOBrien Sharing so you can increase app storage on your S7 and S7 Edge. Xiandroid recommends you to use high speed SDcard for better performance. In general, using a Class 10 SDcard is enough for the needs and you won’t find many other different choices.

So if you are ready, let’s see how to enable it Adoptable Storage on Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. Before we begin, make sure you back up all your SDcard data as the process will format the memory card.


  • Make sure the phone has at least 60% battery left so that there is no delay in the process and no bricking of your device.
  • Install the USB driver on your computer.
  • Download and extract the ADB files : Download Link
  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone. To do this, go to your device Settings -> Developer options -> click on “USB debugging”.

How to enable Adoptable Storage on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

  1. Download and extract the ADB files on your computer.
  2. Navigate to the ADB files folder and open a command prompt inside the folders by pressing Shift key + Right click in the empty space inside the folder and selectOpen command window here
  3. Now connect the phone to the computer and check if it detects using the command below.

    adb devices

  4. Type the commands below in the command window to check if the storage space is available for Adoptable Storage or not that you will get your SDcard. Make sure it is entered correctly.

    adb shell

    sm list-disks

  5. The above command shows the available drives for Adoptable Storage on your device. It will display something like disk: 179: 160 .
  6. Finally, use the command below to apply your SD card 100% as internal storage on your device.

    sm partition disk:179:160 private

    Change the disk ID according to your device.

  7. If you want to use 50% of the disk for adoptable storage, use the following command.

    sm partition disk:179:160 mixed 50

    But it is recommended that you use the entire adoptable storage repository.

  8. Once it is done, reboot your device for it to start working

If you want to check if it is correct then go to “Settings” -> “Additional Settings” -> “Storage” and check if additional storage is added. Be informed that the total space is not correctly reported in the storage section, but everything is reported as working fine.



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