Enable Night Mode after updating to Android Nougat


Night Mode as one of the cool features, this feature appears in version Android N Developer Preview. We can all see a lot of good and useful features in the Android N Developer Preview version, but from time to time the official Android version will get these features because it is in development. and perfect to be able to appear suitable for each Android version. Google is focusing mainly on improving the built-in system features like optimized specialized CyanogenMod ROMs. But for the Night Mode feature that appeared right in the version Android Nougat NRD90M official. If you have been updated to Android Noutgat, you can enable Night Mode on your device.

With Night Mode on Android it will disable all blues on the screen and enhance warmer colors that are easier to see. However, when using it, it will feel like discomfort. But there is no good reason why it was given the official Android Noutgat version. However, this feature is not available and technically they just need to hide it instead of removing it completely from the Android platform. However, if you want to use this feature, you can re-enable it easily.

Just like other hidden features available on Android, you only need to activate it by tweaking a small code in the system. However, faster and more compact is that you immediately use the application on the Google Play Store to add buttons. To activate Night Mode Night Mode, you need to make sure that the UI Tuner system on the device is activated. This is because Night mode is a feature native to the UI Tuner system in the Android N Developer Preview.

How to Enable Night Mode in Android Nougat Update

  1. Enable feature System UI Tuner on your device. To do this, swipe down the quick settings list and tap the Settings gear icon until the phone vibrates. This will allow you to use the UI Tuner system.
  2. You can navigate to Settings and find it right above the “About Phone” section.
  3. Install the “Night Mode Enabler” application right on the Google Play Store using the link below:
  4. You can simply click the “Enable Night Mode” button in the app to activate it.
  5. This will enable both night mode as well as a quick toggle in the notification area. Adjust the settings according to your requirements.

It’s pretty simple to do, isn’t it? If you have something better, you can share the information in the comment section for everyone to know and discover.


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