Enable HDR+ shooting and EIS stabilization of Google Camera on Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi launched their first smartphone with Android Stock operating system and this smartphone was released in India last year as well as the global launch event of the company XiaoMi. This smartphone is named by XiaoMi as Xiaomi Mi A1. It is also the first smartphone from Xiaomi in Google’s Android One lineup that includes a phone with hardware from OEM and software from Google. With Xiaomi Mi A1, it is a mid-range phone running the operating system Android One.

Now, one of the most interesting features of the Xiaomi Mi A1 is the incorporation of a dual camera setup on the back, which is the first time a Xiaomi smartphone has been launched with a dual camera setup. Now, this dual camera on Mi A1 comes with features like portrait mode, up to 2x optical zoom as well as improved still image and video quality.

However, it is known that Google Camera is the best camera app when it comes to smartphone photography and videography as proven on the mobile version. Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 by Google. Therefore, most smartphone users are using Google Camera app now on their phones to achieve excellent image quality. One hitch here is that Google Camera isn’t available for non-Google phones.

Therefore, we have come up with a guide below thanks to XDA developer AdrianeAM who built a tool for Xiaomi Mi A1 that installs Google Camera on Xiaomi Mi A1 as well as enabling HDR + and EIS shooting on Mi A1. For those who don’t understand these terms, HDR+ enhances image quality by post-processing so that images look better than the originals.

Talking about EIS, it is also known as Electronic Image Stabilization (electronic image stabilization), which stabilizes the shake when making videos through software so that the video is not jerky and it feels like as if the video had been recorded on a handheld device.

Now, make sure to follow the Prerequisites and Steps mentioned below properly and enjoy Google Camera on your Xiaomi Mi A1, which will increase the camera quality on your smartphone significantly. .


  • First, you need to enable Developer Options, OEM Unlock and USB Debugging on your Xiaomi Mi A1 to continue this process. To do this, you need to follow this guide: Instructions to enable USB Debugging mode on Android devices
  • Also, you need to install ADB and Fastboot on your computer. To install ADB and Fastboot, follow these instructions:
  • You will also need a PC or laptop and a USB cable to connect your smartphone to the computer.
  • It is also necessary to have at least 50% battery on your Xiaomi Mi A1 to continue this process so that the process is not interrupted due to low battery.


Steps to enable HDR + and EIS of Google Camera on Xiaomi A1 without root

  1. Now you should complete each step and mentioned in Prerequisites section correctly and continue with this tutorial
  2. Then you need to download Mi A1 GCam Tool.zip attached in the Download section above.
  3. Once the zip file has been downloaded, you must extract the zip file to any folder using any zip compression software on your computer.
  4. After the extraction is done, you have to open the extracted folder and click on the file named GCam Mi A1.exe and run this application.
  5. When you run this application, you will see a home screen of the application as shown below
  6. Then connect your Xiaomi Mi A1 to the computer on which the software is running and make sure that the phone is properly connected, loose connection may result in damage to the phone
  7. Once the Xiaomi Mi A1 is properly connected, simply tap Enable HAL3, EIS and settings button as seen in the middle from the attached app screenshot above
  8. Now your smartphone will automatically go into recovery mode and install the necessary files without root.
  9. After rebooting, your Xiaomi Mi A1 will have HDR+ mode and EIS enabled inside the Google Camera app will also be installed automatically.
  10. Optionally if you want to disable HDR+ and EIS and uninstall Google Camera from your phone then you can do so by clicking Disable HAL3, EIS seen from the screenshot above

Make sure to try the HDR+ and EIS activation method on Google Camera for your Xiaomi Mi A1 and comment in the comments section below if you have any problems with this method.

source: xda


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