Download LG Flash Tool to install KDZ and TOT Firmwares for LG devices

If you own an Android smartphone, you must know a few things like performing a factory reset, hardware key combinations to reboot your phone into mode. bootloader/download and recovery, and install the software on your device. While for many Android devices often use the command ADB and fastboot Or like Samsung devices, use Odin but with LG you will need to use LG Flash Tool from LG for some branded devices OEM.

If you own an LG phone or tablet, you can use the Flash Tool to install official software with the .KDZ or .TOT extension to restore your device. In case you are facing some serious problems on your LG phone, or you just want to downgrade or upgrade your device’s software then LG Flash Tool LG’s is an essential gadget.

Below, we have provided direct download links for all available versions of LG Flash Tool. We have collected different versions of flash tool from various sources. Thanks to autoprime and ieatacid from the XDA forums for making the patched version of the tool available to users without hiccups.

Download LG Flash Tool

LG FlashTool

LG Flash Tool 2014: LG Flash Tool

LG FlashTool 2015:

LG FlashTool 2016:

LG FlashTool (patch):

LG FlashTool 2016 (patch):

MegaLock DLL: MegaLock.rar

LGUP Tool:


Download: Latest USB Driver for LG Devices


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