Details of the latest Play Together Update 12/13

Play Together always updates players with new content to help them experience more new content in the game. Help gamers discover more new things and not be bored in the game. In it, there is no shortage of codes for gamers to enter the Play Together code to get rewards in the game.

New content in the 12/13 Play Together update

New content

Snow has fallen on Kaia Island

Interior editing system

  • Interior design system is added so that people can design their own interior in a variety of ways.
  • You can save home decoration information through the interior design system and can change it at any time.
  • You can also view the installed furniture by viewing the design. Note that you cannot download the design if the house you want to apply is different from the house information in the design.

Smart home system

  • Add new selectable menu and change the light color from the palette, choose the background sound to match your home decor ideas.
  • You can also kick players out of the house with the guest management feature, or send your friends a message through the speaker system.
  • There are also options for restricting access and managing extra power to the furniture.

Favorites in the Bag

  • Favorites have been added to the Bag, making it easier for the player to arrange and use any desired item at any time.
  • Items registered to Favorites are marked separately. So please be careful when selling or recycling so you don’t lose your favorite items.

Play snowball with friends

  • You can now collect snowfall on the Plaza and Campground to snowball with your friends.

New Fireworks

  • There are 6 new types of fireworks added for players to use and experience
  • You can meet NPCs setting off fireworks on the beach at the Plaza.

New tag themes added

  • On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, write a sincere letter to your friends.

Improve convenience

  • Improve the list of gifts you want to send in the Gifts (Mail) function
  • Improvements in interface and other convenience

New content in the 11/25 Play Together update

New content

  • New friends BT21 in LINE FRIENDS store
  • Experience the diverse BT21 products and LINE FRIENDS quests that have been updated into the game.
  • Includes quests such as Find Lost Dolls, Extra Day Work, Surprise Gift, Balloons That Fly Again. Note that some of these tasks can be performed at a given time.

Add a new shopping cart system

  • This is considered a feature that many residents have been waiting for as it allows you to “try on things” in the Furniture Store. You can now pre-order furniture into your home before making a purchase. You can place the furniture you want through the furniture layout mode before deciding to buy to see how it will be applied once purchased.
  • Alternatively, you can also order the furniture you like first, then add the ordered items to the Cart . Furniture added to Cart will be ready for you to purchase.
  • Note, however, that there is a maximum limit on the number of different types of furniture that can be purchased at once, and a maximum number of pieces of furniture that can be redeemed.

Newly added undo system when misplaced furniture

  • You can undo the wrong placement of furniture all at once. All previously placed furniture will be returned to its original state.

Add new vehicle

Added 3 new types of water bikes, all types can sit from 1 to 4 people at the same time

System improvement

  • Recycling points that can be obtained from event items will become 0
  • The catalog of the Shop menu has been improved to make it easier to view
  • Improved Random Quiz (CAPTCHA) system to prevent the use of illegal programs.
  • Improve the list of gifts you want to send in the Gifts (Mail) function
  • Other User Interface and Convenience Improvements

New content update in Play Together update 11/8

New content

Add a LINE FRIENDS store at the Plaza

  • You can complete various quests and purchase items only available in this shop

House Party celebrity feature

  • Depending on the House Party star rating, you will have a special dedicated tag in front of your character’s name. In addition, you can receive gifts of special furniture. Throw a house party and see how you become a star.

Add mini fish and use it for mini fishing

  • You will have super tiny fish. There will be 7 types of mini fish added along with specialized fishing rods and they can only be attached by this type of fishing rod.

Cute balloons

  • You can carry balloons to further decorate your character. There are different types of bubbles that you can choose from. Balloons can be received for a fixed term or with an extended or unrestricted balloon.
  • You can get free balloons for the opening of the LINE FRIENDS store, more balloons will be added soon.

New content in the 5/10 Play Together update

Add surprise Quiz system (Captcha)

  • Newly added CAPTCHA (CAPTCHA) puzzle system to make the gaming environment more diverse and
  • Captcha Puzzles appear randomly during the game, and you can play after completing the questions in this Quiz section. If you solve the puzzle correctly, you can get a small reward

New pet

  • 9 new pet rabbit species added

New pet eggs

  • The new pet egg “Baby Rabbit Egg” is a pet egg that will be updated in this 5/10 update. You can get pet rabbits through new pet eggs.

Add new Gesture system when taking photos

  • A Gesture (posing) system is added to capture your images more diversely.
  • Shaping gestures are only available in selfie mode.

Add sticker option when taking photos

  • Sticker system is added so you can edit your photos.
  • Decorate your own photos with various stickers.

Utilities improvements

  • Improved camera filter interface
  • Improved user interface and convenience.

New content in the Play Together 9/14 update

Add Gold Star Membership

  • It is possible to get quite a lot of rewards without having to watch ads.
  • Add unprecedented new membership mode with more special offers.

Mini games at the Plaza

  • Mini game called Obstacle Overcoming has been added to the Plaza area
  • You can join this game with the NPC located in the square. You can play with your friends.

New feature to play music at home

  • Buy and play music in My Home added
  • You can play music through the furniture in the house such as Radio, Speaker, DJ table… You can change the type of music to suit.

Add new currency

  • The newest currency is the Gold Bar, there aren’t many types of items that can be purchased with this currency and it

Add status notification system

  • Notification system will be added with more diverse notifications.

New items

  • Several new player-interactive items such as a trampoline have been added for players to bounce around.
  • Added 60 new types of furniture

Changes to the Play Together update system 09/14

New daily fishing limit

  • Daily fishing has been limited
  • No more fishing is possible after a certain number of times and the system will reset this fishing time at 0:00 every day.

Repair of interior audio systems

  • Radio/DJ: Tune in to change the music of your Home via triggering.
  • Speaker: Adjust function to get output depending on BGM . music activation

New content in Play Together update 30/08

  • Add new planting system
  • Newly added indoor flower pot planting system. Players can earn many rewards based on planting this tree.
  • You can help take care of your friends’ plants, sow the seeds you want in the pots and take care of them to make them bear fruit.
  • The NPC will be somewhere in the Plaza area
  • Add a new tourist area that is Vietnam, if you have a need, buy a plane ticket and move the Play Together server to Vietnam.
  • There will now be a new Pet Dictionary entry. Thanks to the newly added pet dictionary entry in the game, you can now know the pet information in Play Together.
  • Improved camera detail system, now video recording will be added for you to capture your memories in more detail.

Improved game system

  • Improve the foreign tourism interface system
  • Added display of achievement level reward information
  • Improved sidecar screen interface
  • More videos of creator partners on Play TV
  • Fixed a part of the error showing the prices of in-game products.
  • Prices of some food ingredients have been adjusted.

Above are some new updates in Play Together. With these new updates, you will have more things to keep busy in the game. Surely we will have more things to show off to friends or post to groups to show off. In the near future, we will probably have new Play Together codes with rewards related to new content in the game.

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