Change device name on Android for WiFi / Bluetooth / Hotspot

In this tutorial we will see how we can change the Android device name in the device settings. In addition, we will also describe how to change WiFi Direct and Hotspot network names and Bluetooth connection names for Android devices.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the most used modes of connectivity features on smartphones for sharing internet data and transferring files from one device to another. If you scan the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection with your Android phone or tablet, you’ll see the generic or custom names of the detected devices. If you’re new to Android, this little guide will help you specify a custom name for your Android phone or tablet that will be displayed when other devices scan for you. Let’s see how we can change the device name for WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile hotspot or tethering.

There’s nothing wrong with setting up device names for WiFi and Bluetooth connections and that’s why I call it a beginner’s guide. If you are a smart Android user, please do not exceed this point. All the options are already available in the phone settings, I will show you how to dig into it.

Change Android device name from Settings

The easiest way to change the device name of your Android device is to do it from the screen itself About the phone. Open Setting on your phone or tablet, scroll to About the phone or equipment and click on it. On the next screen, tap Device name, then enter the name you want for your device in the text field and select OK.

Please note: If you have Samsung Galaxy devices, you just need to change the device name and Bluetooth name and your WiFi Direct name will be set automatically. Move in Settings>About Phone and tap option Edit under the device name. Enter your custom device name and select Accomplished.

Change Bluetooth name

  1. To be able to edit the settings for Bluetooth, you’ll have to turn it on first. Bluetooth can also be turned on by tapping the word slider Settings > Bluetooth .
  2. Open Setting on your Android device and tap the option Bluetooth .
  3. Click Device name and enter a new name for your phone or tablet and press OK. On OnePlus devices, you will be able to see the Device name after selecting the option New device pairing. On some other Android devices, you need to tap the 3-dot vertical menu icon to see the option to rename the device.

    Change Bluetooth name on Android

Change WiFi Direct name on Android

Assign the desired device name quite similar to the name of Bluetooth. Let’s see how you can do that.

  1. Again, to edit WiFi settings, you will have to enable it first. Go to the table Setting of the device and tap the toggle slider to turn it on
  2. Next, tap on the text of WIFI, to see the configuration screen.
  3. Touch on Internet Wi-Fi Direct, or launch options menu to view options Direct Wi-Fi Direct (for AOSP) and then tap it.
  4. Now tap the 3 vertical dot menu icon to see options Rename the phone of Rename or Rename device .
  5. Enter a preferred name in the text box and select OK to save it.

    Change WiFi Direct name on Android

Change WiFi hotspot name on Android

If you want to customize your Android phone’s name for WiFi hotspot and tethering, go to Settings> Access point Cellular / Wi-Fi and Tethering and turn it on. Then press option Hotspot name and enter the name you want to display. On some Android phones, you need to tap the . icon 3-dot menu and choose option Configuring Mobile Hotspot to replace the current name with the name of your choice.

Change WiFi hotspot name on Android

We just hope it helps to change your Android device name. Bluetooth name, Hotspot name and WiFi Direct name. For more information, tips and tricks useful give equipment Android, don’t forget to check out our helpful tutorials.


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