Bloody experience when buying used phones

Everyone loves the feeling of unboxing a brand new smartphone and removing the sealed manufacturer packaging. However, you always lose a lot of value as soon as you take it out of the box. Buying old thing Phones are a great way to save some money on the product you are interested in. First owner covers most of the depreciation and you can find some great deals even on recent smartphones. To make sure best results, being careful is important before buying a used phone. Here are some important things to check before making your decision!

Should you even consider buying a used phone?

Well, no one likes to use a used phone! It’s always a matter of budget considerations and the desire to get a good phone at a reasonable price that matches an older smartphone. If you’re on a tight budget and are getting a lot of deals on a used phone number, there’s no harm in it. If the phone you want to buy is in shiny condition, without scratches, dents or cracks and has been handled with care by the original user, your purchase will be considered a wise decision. Continue reading this article to know more about what to check before buying a used phone.

Which used phones are you interested in?

This may seem obvious, but you need to know what you’re looking for. Today there are hundreds of different devices, so choosing a equipment is not an easy task. Remember that some people change their phones often, so you can easily find them the old phone to buy. If you already know the smartphone you want, you can start taking the necessary steps to make the best decision when you buy a used phone.

First of all, you need to think about how much you are willing to spend. See average asking price, get an idea and decide budget. Then you can have some favorite brand that you choose over a number trademark other, thus narrowing your field. You also need to consider the age of the device: smartphone old cheaper, but the equipment newer benefit from updated specs and operating systems. Would you prefer an old flagship or a new ranger? Finally, think about personal needs You may have some features or attributes that are more valuable than others.

How long has the phone been in use?

Once you have selected the model, go to the personal list. It is very important that the owner gives you as much information the better about his smartphone. One of the things that can be useful to know is the date original purchase. There are several reasons to ask this, let’s see some examples.

The first reason why this can be useful is that the device can still be insurance. Usually warranties can be transferred when owners change, so this may be of value to you. We recommend verifying the original contract and country regulations for details. Another important factor is Battery life. Old devices are damaged Limited battery capacity, so you may need to replace it. In this case, factor in the cost of batteries and labor in case you can’t do it yourself.

Knowing how long the device has been in use can also suggest some underground information. For example, if a device is only used for a few weeks, you may want to know why it was sold. Maybe the owner didn’t like it, or maybe there was something wrong with it. Also, using a product always gives some natural erosion, so you can guess what to expect. Of course, accidental damage is an entirely different matter.

Is there any curved damage, scratches?

Another thing to keep in mind while buying a used phone is to look closely for physical damage. Although small scratches is what you have to expect, some older smartphones can also broken. Pay close attention to advertisements and how they are written. Very often, you will read Cameron’s good conditions , does not provide much information about the product. If the previous owner took care of his device, it is in his best interest to indicate that what he is selling is like new . In case something looks suspicious, make sure all the pictures are good or ask for more.

It is also useful to know whether the device has been used with or without bark . The same applies to screen protector , although most modern devices have a high-quality scratch-resistant glass panel. In the event that the smartphone is fall , make sure to have all the details and ask if any functionality has been compromised. Used products are not equal, so you will need to evaluate your options and choose the best one.

Do used phones have accessories?

It’s always a good thing when all original accessories included with the device. The most important things to look for are cables and wall adapters. Third-party not always precisely manufactured and potentially dangerous situations. Other things like headphones or adapters are often missing on older devices, but they’re usually not as important.

Very often, the used smartphone also comes with a related accessories. Things like case and screensavers will be useless on other devices, so owners must remove them anyway. For everything else, pay attention to the details of each ad you discover. Make sure you get all the accessories before you buy a used phone.

Is there anything else you should know about?

This part is more complicated, as it sums up all the things we rarely think about when buying a second hand smartphone. The first important factor to check is software status. In fact, the device may have been root, this may void your warranty. This depends on your country and manufacturer, but you need to keep it in mind.

More specifically, it is very important for the phone Samsung. The reason is that there is an irreversible counter that will change when you root the device. As a result, some apps such as Samsung Pay, Secure Folder, or S Health will be disabled permanently disabled. Unlike other brands, Samsung does not allow these services to be restored even after returning to stock.

Before buying a used phone, you have to make sure if the person you bought the phone from has not enabled FRP (Firmware Reset Protection) on his phone. Sometimes, it’s too late before you realize your mistake. A friend of mine bought a Galaxy S8 from someone. The previous owner gave the phone to him after resetting the device. Some time later, he decided to do a factory reset and then the phone prompted him to enter the email and password for FRP. Things happen, you know!

You may also want to know about any specific modifications on the smartphone itself. The back cover may have been open and some ingredients to replace. This is especially important when you want to keep the warranty. As we mentioned, being careful is the best way to avoid any surprises. If you do all the necessary considerations, you should be able to find great deals and save some money. Tell us about any personal experience in the comments below!


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