Activate Samsung Cloud on Samsung Galaxy devices

If you own Samsung Galaxy devices without activation or turn on Samsung Cloud then in this article Using Android will guide you by using a third-party application called QuickShortcutMaker. Xiandroid tested on Galaxy S9 Plus and Note 9 and it should work on other Samsung devices.

Currently, the Android operating system is one of the famous open source platforms, but in some countries as well as some product distributors want to limit Samsung Cloud to sell other service packages to bring maximum profit. for businesses in the cloud service business.

Not only a cloud service but also introduces some other bloatware apps offered by them and their partners and blocks some of the available Android features like the ability to share mobile networks through hotspots mobile so they can charge users to share the network. Subsequent updates, every time Samsung releases, must go through distributors, carriers, and of course they will customize to make the most of what they want before the update reaches users.

However, the session on the XDA forum found a simple way to activate it without rooting and was successful on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 so users can rest assured to use it.


All you need is to install the app QuickShortcutMaker available on the Google Play app market. It is completely free to install and you can install it by following the link above. There are a few apps with similar names so make sure you download the one linked above.

Enable Samsung Cloud on Galaxy Note 9

  1. Launch the application once it is installed and go to the tab Activities if it is not already selected.
  2. In the search area of ​​the tab Activities, import Samsung Backup (Samsung Backup) and select Samsung Backup And Restore (Backup and restore). Alternatively, you can just scroll down the list to find and select Samsung Backup And Restore .
  3. Once you’ve selected it, you’ll see a pretty long list with the same title: Samsung Backup And Restore.
  4. Pay attention to the extra text under the title and scroll down the list until you find it This is usually the fourth item from the top.
  5. Choose option with and then select TRY .
  6. This will redirect you to the page Samsung Account. Here, tap the three-dot menu button in the top right corner and select Show Samsung Cloud Icon (Shows Samsung Cloud Icon).
  7. Wait a few seconds then select ACCOMPLISHED.

You should now be able to see the Samsung Cloud app icon in your app drawer. This does not enable the Samsung Cloud option in your device’s Settings, which is its initial option on Samsung devices.

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Source: xda


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