3 simple tricks on Android devices you should know


There are many devices on the market today Android from famous product manufacturers such as Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, Huawei,…. But among us, we don’t notice the simple tricks that are good to use. That’s why in this article xaiandroid shares with you 3 simple but good tips when using Android devices that we often use every day.

Set default USB Type connection (USB Connection Type) on Android Marshmallow


If you are using Android Marshmallow, you will notice that when you connect your phone to the computer via data cable, the default setting is just charging. That’s why when you transfer files from your computer to your phone you need to choose the protocol again by swiping down to open the notification menu and select M-TP or PTP to choose the appropriate protocol. Did you know that you can change the USB connection protocol settings right on your phone so you don’t have to choose it again to save time. To do this, you need to enable the “developer options“. Next you will enter “developer options” and find “Select USB Configuration“. Tap on it and set one of the protocols as default. To do this, the developer options mode “develop options” cannot be turned off.

Application type in Doze Mode


With the addition of some new features on Android Marshmallow making it richer than the Lollipop version. One of those features is the feature Doze. Doze is a new technique to increase and maintain the life of your phone’s battery. To effectively conserve your phone’s battery using Doze mode you need to put all your apps and incoming notifications into hibernation when you’re not using the device. To continue receiving notifications from an app when Doze mode is active, you need to dismiss it in Doze mode. To do that you need to open the phone settings to and go to battery “Battery“. Now tap on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and select “Battery optimization” in the list. Then type in “Not optimized” and select “All apps“. Now you will see all the apps optimized for doze mode. Tap on the app that you want to exclude from doze and select “Don’t optimize” from the menu. Now that app will stay active even when the phone is in Doze mode.

Install App Search right in Google Now Launcher


Google Now Launcher simple, elegant, and one of Android launcher best available. This simple trick that lets you search for apps in the apps list instantly can come in handy if you have apps. To instantly search for an application in the application list simply go to the application list icon on the screen and you will be taken to the list of applications, the search box will highlight a comma and the keyboard will appear to you enter the search keyword.


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